Understand Labor Effects in an Uncertain Climate

forest-1366345_640In 2005, Staffing Industry Analysts held the very first CWS Summit in Chicago. Attendees were passionate about the world of work and enthusiastic about the possibilities of managing and working with a flexible workforce. But they were also frustrated about the challenges of making senior management aware of contingent workforce issues.

Fast forward to 2017. The challenges are different. Yes, many of us still push to get attention for contingent worker issues from our C-Suite. But the contours of the problem have changed. Here’s how. We live in difficult times in a global world. The age is characterized by political, economic and social uncertainty worldwide – Turkey referendum, election meddling in France, Brexit, the rising tide of populism, a new American president promising vast policy changes in employment and immigration, demographic challenges, just to name a few.

Against this backdrop, we continue to fight a war for skilled talent. Note the term “skilled.” Youth unemployment in the Eurozone has been stuck between 19% to 25% for the past eight years. For comparison, youth unemployment in the US is just below 10% — not great, but not quite so dismal. Those bleak numbers underscore the uphill battle many young Europeans face in finding jobs that match their aspirations and education.

How do we workforce managers navigate this complex landscape and staff our projects/companies with the right talent?

“It’s about understanding labor and labor effects,” says Bryan Peña, senior VP of contingent workforce strategies for Staffing Industry Analysts, and keynote speaker. “Companies have to ask the question: How can the best talent make you more competitive,” he adds. The fact is, contingent workforce models of yesterday are sometimes not achieving the goals that today’s demanding program managers set. All the possible ways in which corporations can engage talent need to be reevaluated.

The 2017 CWS Summit, Berlin, gives you some pointers. From unique strategies — tailored to uncertain times — that can take your program to the next level to understanding the next generation in services procurement to learning how to run a successful RFX, the conference offers a wide variety of topics to the professional managing a contingent workforce.  It does not matter where you are on this spectrum.

We make it easy for you. Day one kicks off with a preparatory session where Staffing Industry Analysts experts will guide you on how to get the most out of the conference. In addition, attendees will receive SIA’s Lexicon of Global Workforce Solutions-Related Terms (downloadable PDF). What some different words mean and how they fit into today’s programs are also explored.

I believe the CWS Summit is the place to learn and develop your expertise in the world of work. Give your career and your company a boost.  Join us in Berlin next week. My colleagues and I look forward to meeting you in person.

Subadhra Sriram

Subadhra Sriram
Subadhra Sriram is Staffing Industry Analysts' editor and publisher, media products. She can be reached at SSriram (at) staffingindustry (dot) com.

Subadhra Sriram

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