Does your staffing firm really exist?

window-2118232_640If a tree fell in the woods and no one heard it, would it make a sound?  For generations, tenured professors with nothing better to do have debated that point.

The same conundrum applies to staffing firms.  If your firm isn’t on our comprehensive annual lists of such firms, how do you know it really exists?  Certainly many buyers, who rely on these lists, won’t know it exists.  And if buyers don’t know your firm exists, can you really be sure it does? 

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If it’s not clear to you that buyers need to be aware of your firm in order for it to exist — at least for long, ahem — I suggest you ask your accountant or marketing manager for an opinion.

There is something haunting about staffing firms not on our lists, if you ask me.  I’ve even heard it said that in such unmarked, unknown places employees on occasion find themselves passing unexpectedly through a wall, spirit-like, or spinning helplessly in space.  Why live like that?

We’ve made it very easy to get on our lists. You can start by clicking here.

The only catch is that our list process for this year will close on May 24th. After that, the doomed must spend another year, wandering unknown, passing amidst crowds of buyers unseen and unheard.  Such a pity.  When all they had to do was fill out a quick survey.

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Jon Osborne

Jon Osborne
Jon Osborne is VP, Strategic Research at Staffing Industry Analysts. He can be reached at josborne (at) staffingindustry (dot) com

Jon Osborne

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