How to Make Your Company Attractive to Skilled Workers

ThinkstockPhotos-177129252Recruiting has changed dramatically in the past couple of years. Today, it’s no longer about finding an employee, but about finding the right one that will be available, motivated, and talented. However, this particular branch of HR has changed for one very good reason: the power has shifted into the hands of the recruits. Talented and skilled workers do not have a difficult time finding a job. It’s the companies that now have to look for them and offer enough incentives that would make them look more appealing.

The competition is fierce, and there is no shortage of firms looking for the same person. Old school methods of putting up job ads in the paper or on specialized websites will no longer necessarily attract the best to you. If your methods are simple and restricted, then the chances are that you will have a more difficult time finding true skill among applicants. However, you can change that.

Treat Each Interview as a Marketing Campaign
In truth, you are selling yourself as a company while the applicants are selling themselves. The interview goes both ways, and real talent will be looking to find as much about you as you do about them. Pay attention to their questions, take pride in your company, and put your best foot forward. This starts from the beginning of the process when you first put up the add. Perhaps include visuals, infographics, and do it in a very conversational tone. In fact, you might even have to put up a Career Page on your site to properly boast the open positions. Try to skip over boring job descriptions, though.

Encourage A Healthy Work-Personal Life Balance
Offer the possibility for a healthy balance between work and their personal life. This includes doctor’s appointments or major events in their life such as a wedding or simply working from home. Some need those possibilities because there are plenty of important things outside their work life. Understand that and implement it. Otherwise, you might be missing out on a truly talented employee who wants to work for you, but can’t because they have children or other duties that do not allow them a regular day at the office. A good worker will never take advantage of that generous offer.

Be Their Journey, Not Their Destination
Even for temporary laborers, do not limit their possibilities of future employment. You may not have something available long-term, but never shut that door for them. Make sure they know that it’s always open or, at the very least, that it’s slightly ajar and with potential for future use of their services. Take note of their performance and assure that there are always ways for them to advance, be it in position or financial benefits. Offer some transparency by revealing what other perks might be waiting for them in the future.

Put an Emphasis on Personal Development
Skilled and dedicated workers have two things in common: ambition and determination. In order to lure them to your company, you need to make sure that those two traits are well fed. This is especially the case for programs that aim for their improvement. It implies offering them something as simple as gym membership or time off for extra activities that involve professional development. Talented workers will be more tempted to work for you if you allow them time to continue learning, take courses, or attend seminars. They have to hone their skills and continue to grow. Make sure you are the one who offers them that possibility if you want them you gravitate toward your company.

Never Underestimate the Power of Referrals
Try to improve your employee referral system ( by adding extra incentives. Why? Because your employees understand what it means to work for you and what you’re looking for better than any applicant. Offer small bonuses for referring you to skilled workers, be it friends or simple acquaintances. Of course, only offer those rewards based on hiring, not a simple interview so that you can find truly talented applicants. You can even spice up your referral program as well by appealing to your company’s partners, vendors, suppliers, consultants, or other such affiliates.

Scout for Talent Like a Professional
Look at your best employee and take an interest in where they spend their free time. It’s likely that they have a tighter connection to your company’s niche than you might believe. And, because of that strong bond, they could be surrounded by other people who will be equally qualified. Look into those places or platforms and sponsor certain events around them. It’s an excellent way to gain the right attention because, as they say in real estate, it’s location, location, location. Find the best place to advertise your job openings by looking at your best employees. The answer might be closer than you think.
Never forget that Generation Y, otherwise known as Millennials, puts a great emphasis on company reputation. Everything is accessible through the internet, so make sure you have a good influence and never stop polishing your image.

Amanda Wilks

Amanda Wilks
Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a contributing editor at Customer Survey Report. She has a great interest in everything related to recruiting, entrepreneurship, and career-building and loves helping people reach their true potential.

Amanda Wilks

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