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technology (2)It is challenging to grow any business without access to informative reports and analytic, and not useful if you do have access, but have bad data or missing data. When businesses collect data, it is an opportunity to gain insight about how the business functions. And the best results come from a fully digital, end-to-end platform that captures all of the business’ functions including marketing, sales, recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, workforce management, billing and customer satisfaction.

Setting up an integrated platform as the foundation to connect every aspect of your business brings together various data points like revenue for Sales, lead generation for marketing, and so forth. You can use this data to transform the information into real-time, visible and valuable reports and proactively make better business decisions around productivity and revenue. In addition to having visibility to valuable data, create consistency and standardization across every aspect of the organization.

How is a cloud-based platform the best solution to honing in on business data? Let’s understand the key points in a company with a fully digital platform:

Business Selling

To get the most out of your sales team, get the most out of the CRM tool. You should embrace its primary purpose as a customer relationship management platform to manage your relationships and sales opportunities. This powerful tool gives you the opportunity to collect, manage, track and engage with all your clients in real-time, and at any time. The key is to focus on marketing, sales and customer service first and foremost. You’re in business to make your customers successful, so that’s the end result. And by making them happy, you as a business will thrive. With that, here are some of the key points within a CRM:

  • First, align your sales process with your CRM
  • Understand your customers to address their pain points
  • Know how to run reports and use the analytics to share amongst the rest of the team an upper management so they can make better, informed decisions
  • Continue to stay on top of your pipeline and know next steps to close deals
  • Gain insight into forecasting and predicting performance

Hire People

From a candidate’s’ perspective, they can easily apply to a job and receive a response faster, and once their information is in the system, triggers can be set to communicate with the right candidates or track tasks without follow up, such as auto-matching or checking for duplicate records. HR and recruiting teams stay organized, are more actively responsive to applicants, and ultimately place more and reach out to more in less time. A win-win for both the business and the interested applicants. Additional integration tools like background verification and email marketing automation are added benefits. A bonus to additional integrations with a fully digital platform is that multiple services don’t need to be sourced elsewhere and eliminate the chances of incurring additional investment cost.

business-goalsPeople to Perform

Capturing time in the system allows management to understand where someone is spending their time, and determining if how they perform is effective, productive and ultimately generates revenue flow. If the tasks they are performing are considered productive, then you can see their time being translated into revenue. On the other hand, If what they are doing is not productive, which you can tell by the data, then you can decide if and how they can be trained to meet the expectations. Time is associated with everything, so the key here is to tie the time spent with delivery. Essentially, taking HR data coupled with business data results in better business decisions and visibility across the board. If do not have data to measure, how will you know where to make changes and boost revenue?

Results and Client Satisfaction

The beauty of the fully digital, end-to-end platform is that everything connects and comes back full circle. Tying the business data — such as service, revenue and productivity from marketing, sales, finance and accounts — to the human capital data — which is how people are hired and perform, tied to delivery and cost — will get you the results you need (from data and analytics) to make better business decisions, improved productivity, lower overhead costs, increased revenue and overall long-term success for both your clients and your business.

The process of selling the business, hiring the right people, measuring performance of those people, which then results in client satisfaction becomes a breeze if all the information is in one system. Only then can you easily run thorough reports and analytics to gain the key insights for better business decisions, productivity and revenue growth.


Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
As the CEO of TargetRecruit, Reena's focus each and everyday is to deliver the most comprehensive, easy to use and valuable cloud based recruiting tool for the staffing and recruiting industry.

Reena Gupta

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