Modernize the Complex Recruitment Process for Healthcare Staffing

nursingToday, healthcare recruiters are racing to source and place the right amount of highly qualified staff in hospitals and other medical practices. Modernize the world’s most complex recruiting processes in your healthcare staffing firm by adopting to five key features in the cloud.

So what are those key features and how will they streamline difficult healthcare staffing processes faster, and more efficiently?

With nearly a decade of our own recruitment experience, TargetRecruit has honed in on the most challenging aspects of healthcare recruiting including credentialing, contracts, billing, per diem scheduling and much more.

Skills-based Search & Match Automation
The ability to quickly screen, hire, and onboard medical personnel can have a direct affect on patients’ well-being. As such, recruitment and retention in the healthcare industry must remain a top priority. Adapting to a cloud-based technology can automate this process, ultimately sourcing the necessary skills to provide premier care.

Credentialing & Assessment Scoring
When applying for healthcare jobs, applicants must possess specific licenses or certifications, and must be verified by employers before hire. Before you invest too much time into your candidates for a specific role, find out if they are the best fit. By switching to a digital platform, you’ll eliminate wasted time manually verifying hundreds of credentials and assessments, and quickly move past this process confidently, in compliance and without delaying the placement.

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Online Shift Scheduling
The healthcare scheduling process is predominantly manual. Recruiters personally call their entire candidate list to check shift availability, then make dozens of calls to hospitals to see which need staff. And back again to the candidates to provide and confirm their assignments. What if you could make a placement in one click, automatically send the candidate a text or call with the shift, and receive confirmation in real time? A single staffing and scheduling system, when used across the entire enterprise, can be a valuable tool for ensuring open shifts are filled more quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate manual and paper processes entirely when working on contracts and placement. Healthcare accounts are typically divided up by location, and in each location are different contracts, business needs and processes. You can manage every type of contract at any time, from anywhere when you implement an all-in-one cloud platform to your business.

Billing & Back Office
If you’re one of the thousands of recruiters out there manually inputting hours and tackling various business processes, you could understand the importance of streamlining this process entirely. Moving toward a digital platform will allow you to bill the right division, with the right amount, accurately and timely.

In healthcare staffing, recruiters need one cloud-based platform that transforms their workflow. It must streamline, automate or eliminate every stage that adds to unproductive hours, slows down placements and causes more harm than good to the overall process of placing quality hires. TargetRecruit is here to modernize the healthcare staffing industry and help your firm stay ahead of the latest healthcare staffing demands.

To gain valuable insight on why adapting to today’s digital modern technology in the highly competitive healthcare industry will transform the way you recruit and place for your healthcare clients, take a look at an online demo, or take a free trial.

Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
As the CEO of TargetRecruit, Reena's focus each and everyday is to deliver the most comprehensive, easy to use and valuable cloud based recruiting tool for the staffing and recruiting industry.

Reena Gupta

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