Delivering Both Speed and Quality in Staffing

web-cam-796227_640Finding a competitive edge in the contingent staffing space isn’t easy. There are only so many hours in the day to look for the right people to place on assignment. Too, all the speed in the world isn’t going to do your company any good if you don’t make time for talent pool quality. When your clients’ emphasis is on speed-to-fill, how do you deliver both speed and right fit to set your organization apart? You dive deeper during interviews with video technology in order to drive better talent decisions.

Gain Deeper Insight Without Compromising Speed

In an ideal world, you’d have the time and resources to meet every candidate face-to-face before you narrow your pool and submit your list to clients. Video interviewing technology removes many of these logistical barriers and promotes high quality, two-way interaction with candidates earlier in the process. Recruiters can also use on-demand (recorded) video interviews to quickly pre-screen candidates, especially in high-volume situations. With both live and on-demand video interviewing, you gain deeper insight into candidates’ skills, capabilities and motivation. With richer information, you can identify the most qualified workers sooner, increasing quality of fill without adding time to your process.

In fact, firms often achieve greater speed to hire when they take advantage of purpose-built video interviewing technology. Gone are the lag times for scheduling interviews since recruiters and candidates can connect from any location. A self-scheduling function like the one offered in Montage’s solution eliminates the typical back-and-forth, reclaiming hours per position to be filled. Firms can easily supplement their lists for clients with recorded interviews of the candidates. Each step that is streamlined or simplified by the technology helps to speed the decision-making process along.

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Engage Top Talent with a Superior Experience

Contingent workers have more employment choices than ever, so staffing firms must find ways to engage quality talent. Video interviewing helps companies attract and engage the high performers on the front end with a high tech, high touch experience. In today’s world of work, the convenience of mobile interviewing is a must. Leading video interviewing partners focus on the candidate experience, ensuring their technology is easy to use for all involved, and providing friendly, accessible 24/7 live support. And, they help their partners remember interviewing is a two-way street. Candidates aren’t likely to place their income stream or career options in the hands of a staffing company which doesn’t make time to answer their questions or treat them with respect. Purpose-built video interviewing platforms make it easy for companies to engage contingent workers with a superior experience, so they can compete and win the talent their customers demand.

Elevate Your Customers’ Brand

Innovative staffing firms use video interviewing technology to brand the client, the client’s location and the advantages of a specific assignment. With this client-contingent staffing company branding partnership, candidates are personally introduced to the job environment where they will be working as part of their interview experience. The candidate can get a job preview from their staffing firm, then hear directly from the client’s team about what it’s like to work there and what is expected from workers. It’s another way for contingent workforce organizations to strengthen their candidate experience and differentiate themselves in the crowded talent marketplace.

So, if your placements often end with a “hired by client” code, isn’t it worth it to take that care with quality of fill right from the beginning? Video interviewing technology gives you deeper insight quickly and conveniently, providing the information you need to make better talent decisions with a greater level of confidence.

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Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty
Sarah Doughty is vice president of client success at Montage. Contact her at sarah.doughty (at) montagetalent (dot) com.

Sarah Doughty

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