How to Streamline the Hiring Process

ThinkstockPhotos-494245948Every business organization, regardless of its size, has to be extremely efficient and organized. The HR department is responsible for helping the company grow by hiring the right people and implementing successful practices for all its employees’ well-being. Factors such as cost per hire, time to hire and turnover can act as a tipping point for a company’s success. HR teams have to filter through large amounts of data and lacking the right tools to carry out the process efficiently could hurt them. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can simplify the hiring process, producing efficient results.

An ATS is cloud-based recruitment software that assists the HR team by screening candidates for hiring. It can collect data and filter the applicants efficiently. Let’s look at some of the benefits it brings to the table.

  • Relieve Some Burden For The HR Teams. Manually combing through all the applications can challenge even the best HR recruiters. Not only is this process extremely time-consuming and exhausting, but there is a risk of missing out on good candidates in the sea of resumes. The tracking system uses keywords to filter the candidates and eliminate those who don’t fit the criteria, before the application reach the hands of the concerned HR manager. Additionally, an ATS also tracks vacant positions that need to be filled up. This eases the pressure on HR, who can now solely focus on the shortlisted candidates.
  • Lower Cost Per Hire. Consider this scenario: One person sourcing the candidates and reading their applications before even shortlisting them — a process that might days to complete, taking a lot of billable man-hours. Or a second scenario, where an ATS will do the same in a matter of hours saving a lot of time and most importantly, money. Which one would you prefer? The answer is pretty obvious. Moreover, an ATS will help with on-boarding process as well. This reduces the overall cost per hire.
  • Improve Quality Of Hires. How many times have you gone through the applications and realize that half of them don’t even qualify for the required post? Or you took so long to find the right applicant only to find out they joined some other organization. Probably, too many times to count. ATS selects the top talent for you and minimize the hiring time. This ensures that you waste too much time on manual work and risk losing your top choices to a competitor.
  • Optimizing and Maximizing Available Resources. Hiring has graduated from newspaper advertisements, to job boards and to social media now. ATS tracks the efficiency of different sources and mediums, helping you understand which will work the best for you. This enables you in allocating your resources in the right manner, minimizing unnecessary expenses.
  • Enhancing Candidate Experience. An unpleasant candidate experience will reflect negatively on the employer brand. A common pet peeve of most candidates is never getting a concrete answer from the employers regarding their hiring decision or other notifications, which leaves them in a limbo of whether to wait for the current post or apply somewhere else. Even if they don’t get selected, they would like an answer. An applicant tracking system will automate communications and allow quick notifications to candidates. A smooth and prompt communication will go a long way in enhancing candidate experience.

Cloud-based software such as ATS promote better hiring practices. Employers can be more productive and be assured of high results while hiring candidates. If you have a small business of your own or have a huge company with thousands of employees, an ATS will be a great add-on to incorporate in your organization.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos
Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager for Jobsoid, an applicant tracking system, leading the content and social media teams. Her expertise and experience in the field of HR enable her to create value-driven content for her readers, both on Jobsoid's blog and other guest blogs where she publishes content regularly.

Kelly Barcelos

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