The Future of Work Is Here

ThinkstockPhotos-485561855The workplace is changing and nobody argues that change isn’t difficult. Yet what we can do is a better job of embracing change, rather than resisting it. When we look at the current landscape of today’s corporate environment, it’s important for us to realize that change is good – offering workers more opportunity and more flexibility to achieve the goals that they desire.

We recently issued a report with Ardent Partners that found 95% of business leaders consider their contingent talent a vital part of the overall workforce and 70% plan to increase it. What this tells us is that leaders understand that non-employee talent can fill the skills gap. Flexible workers embody the niche skills that are best suited for a particular role without the extensive training. Yet, the issue is that only about half of companies have the services to account for the spend and corporate planning to bring on contingent talent. While flexible workers comprise nearly 35% of today’s total workforce – it’s not far off until that number becomes an even 50/50 split. Companies need to prepare now for this transition and have the right processes in place.

The following infographic explores what your business can do to get ready for the future of work and how to best embrace this exciting change.


Arun Srinivasan

Arun Srinivasan
Arun Srinivasan is VP of marketing and strategy at Fieldglass. He can be reached at asrinivasan (at) fieldglass (dot) com.

Arun Srinivasan

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