A Hiring Manager’s Journey

ThinkstockPhotos-181504998Staffing for projects can get complicated, especially for large organizations. To make the process a bit easier, many hiring managers use staffing services to help identify specialized workers for short- and long-term statements of work projects.

In fact, according to Ardent Partners’ recent State of Contingent Workforce Management study, 92 percent of enterprises cite nontraditional talent as a moderate-to-vital aspect of their overall corporate strategy. In fact, staffing for project-based work is one of the main drivers for companies to seek a vendor management system (VMS).

When working with a VMS, hiring for a project can be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse or touches on the screen. At Fieldglass, we created the below infographic to show just how easy it can be and how hiring for a typical project can be completely streamlined, from recruiting to reporting.



Jim Brozny

Jim Brozny
Jim Brozny is director, account services, for Fieldglass.

Jim Brozny

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