The Marketing Value of Twitter

ThinkstockPhotos-470600183If your company’s digital footprint doesn’t include a presence on Twitter, why not?

Seriously, why would you not take advantage of Twitter’s platform to establish your brand, grow an audience, and make connections? Why indeed?

Twitter’s format for an ongoing dialogue with a group of followers is not unlike face-to-face encounters. Come to think of it, it’s actually better than a face-to-face as a one-on-one exchange is simply that – connecting with just one follower at a time. The beauty of Twitter is the opportunity to do “face-to-face” with an unlimited number of people at the same time.

“But,” you say, “we already do Facebook and LinkedIn. Plus we maintain a website and keep up with a monthly/weekly blog. Isn’t that enough?” Well, that depends on how serious you are about spreading your brand and one-upping the competition. And then there’s this. As of the second quarter of 2015, Twitter averaged 304 million monthly active users, up from 255 million at the beginning of the 2014. No one can dispute that’s far too many potential connections to ignore.

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Don’t forget, it’s free. I repeat, FREE. The only investment is a bit of time. Here’s a few tips on how to get the most return from that time investment.

  • The profile counts. The same as it does for every other form of social media. Strive for complete, accurate, detailed, and eye-catching. Twitter’s bigger and better header photo provides ample space to make a noticeable splash with room for all the pertinent info consumers need.
  • Varied content gets more notice. Mix up what you tweet using the 80/20 principle. 80% of your tweets should focus on making connections and creating opportunities for interaction with your followers. Compelling content like helpful tips, industry news, behind the scenes glimpses, and “people” snippets that garner retweets, replies, and favorites should be the goal. Sparingly mix in direct offers or promotions that get followers to seek additional product information or make a purchase.
  • Establish a tempo. There’s no sure-fire formula when it comes to how often or what time of day to tweet. Focus on establishing a tempo that will keep your brand on the consumers’ radar with interesting, compelling content. A tweet calendar will not only serve as a guide in planning the content of your tweets, it will help you get in the habit of regular tweeting and establish a rhythm for your followers.
  • Seize the moment. Take advantage of seasonal, cultural, and industry-based events to get and keep the conversation going. Participation in what’s popular and “trending” will do wonders for spreading the word about your company.

Make Twitter a focused component of your marketing strategy, coordinating tweets with your other social media platforms for a dynamite marketing plan.

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Steve Isenberg

Steve Isenberg
Steve Isenberg is president of ASJ Partners, a marketing agency for the staffing industry. He can be reached at

Steve Isenberg

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