How to Write a Twitter Bio That Leads to More Job Orders and Candidates

Twitter is growing by the minute. With the ever-growing increase in the amount of Twitter users, comes an increase in the selectivity these users have when deciding which accounts to follow.

Your first opportunity to convert a casual Twitter user to a follower, before they even have a chance to see your content, is your Bio.

Are you making a strong-enough first impression to cut through the clutter and turn your visitors into followers?

What’s the hidden formula? How can you really write a Twitter bio that leads to more job orders and resumes?

I have to admit; when it comes to social media I am a big proponent of the “One size does not fit all” mentality. But, while listening to a presentation by Laura Fitton at Social Media Marketing World I couldn’t help but think that this bio formula was the Holy Grail.

[@YourAccount] is where [Who] can find [Value Offered]


Twitter is, and always will be, about the community. Not only is it critical for you to define what value you can provide to that community, but it is also important for you to explain that to them in 160 characters or less.

Too often, I look at a Twitter account and see a description like this:

Buffalo staffing firm with 25+ years experience. Specialize in placing IT professionals in leading career opportunities throughout the area. Visit our website.

Awesome! Great! Now I know who you are. But why should I follow you? What’s in it for me!? What value is there in having your tweets show up in my timeline alongside tweets from sports teams, friends, and news channels?

Maybe it is a selfish mentality, “what’s in it for me,” but with so many users on Twitter we have to be selfish selective with the accounts we follow.

By following Laura’s formula, we can get right to the point of Twitter: the value add. This will ultimately result in assisting you in the growth of your community which will consequently lead to more job orders and increased resumes.

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Final Takeaway: 3 Examples for the Staffing Industry

Remember, Twitter is (and always will be) about the community. Instead of shouting into the clutter, clearly and distinctly identify the WHY factor, why people should follow you, and the value you offer followers.

As a final takeaway, let’s look into three examples that can be modified and used on your company Twitter account.

@XYZSTAFFING is where #Job Seekers can find premium tips and resources for landing their next career growth opportunity in the Buffalo, NY area.

@XYZSTAFFING is where #Buffalo #Job seekers can find top resources to prepare them for the next steps in the development of their career.

At @XYZSTAFFING we’re committed to bringing top-tier employment resources to #Job seekers and mangers throughout the #Buffalo area.

If you’re ready to break through the clutter on Twitter this bio modification will help you effectively present your value add and assist in the growth of your Twitter community.

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Brad Bialy

Brad Bialy
Brad Bialy is a Social Media Marketing Advisor at Haley Marketing Group. For additional support with social media strategy he can be reached at

Brad Bialy

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