Make Your Website a Recruiting Machine

ThinkstockPhotos-185953136You understand what it takes to find top talent. You’ve been recruiting for years. You’re savvy. Not much gets in your way when it comes to placing candidates. Except possibly your company’s website.

There could even be aspects of your company’s online storefront that are hurting your numbers and scaring away potential talent. If your company hasn’t updated your website since 2005, it’s time. Take note of these five features you’ll need to start using your site as a recruiting tool.

Updated and fresh look. Imagine going into restaurant with wood paneling on the walls and red shag carpet (actually from the 1970s, not attempting to be vintage). You’d probably immediately judge the menu and the quality of the food based on the aesthetics around you. The same goes for your website. It’s your online storefront. If your look is outdated and archaic (do you really still have iFrames?), it’s likely your potential clients and candidates will think you are too.

Tech-savvy candidates want to work for a tech-savvy company, too. Not only will you attract quality candidates with a stylish site, your clients will expect you’d have the kind of talent your site exemplifies.

Ditch the stock photos and you seriously might blow the roof on the staffing industry. Hire a company that knows the industry, not your cousin’s husband — you’ll be happier in the long run.

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Mobile friendly (or responsive). As of April 21, Google uses a new algorithm to identify and label websites that are mobile friendly. This is horrific news for any business that doesn’t believe in going mobile. Google cares a lot about the user experience and that’s why it will penalize you for not being mobile. If your company’s site isn’t mobile or responsive, it’s likely you’ll show up on the 7th page of a Google search result — The Sahara of the internet. It’s not just Google demanding mobile though. Your candidates are too. According to Glassdoor, nine in 10 job seekers search for jobs via mobile.

Want to make your site mobile? Depending on your current website, it will probably require a redesign. If someone tells you that they can duplicate your site and make it mobile without changing anything, run the other way. A redesign isn’t a bad thing though, remember?

Ensure your job board is on your domain. If your job board isn’t on your domain, it isn’t really YOUR job board. If candidates click ‘search jobs’ on your site and are taken to another domain, the owner of that domain is basically stealing all of your SEO juice. You’ve got a jackpot of SEO gold within your job listings, so don’t let someone else benefit. Additionally, when candidates don’t have to leave your website you have a better chance they might hand over their contact information. To get a job board on your domain, you wouldn’t necessarily have to redesign your site. There are companies that can integrate this for you and there’s even the possibility to make it mobile!

Quick apply and easy-to-use contact forms. You’ve experienced it: form fatigue. You’re so sick of filling out forms that you just give up. Well, you’re not the only one. Here’s one stat: Seventy-nine percent of respondents in a study by Blue Pipes said that there is too much paperwork in travel nursing.

So simplify the forms you require candidates to fill out, and remember, if your online forms (and the rest of your website) isn’t mobile — you have the potential to lose a lot of applicants in the process. A good place to start is to cut back on the amount of fields. As long as you capture the candidates’ basic info, you can contact them for the rest of the details.

SEO. SEO won’t answer all of your traffic-related prayers but if done correctly, it can definitely help potential clients and candidates find your website, which is the entire point, right?

Google wants to give the highest rank to websites that provide the best user experience and that means speaking the language of your audience. Loading up your site with a bunch of strategically placed words and sentences can actually hurt your site’s SEO. SEO still involves important keywords but now (thanks, Google) we have to be able to provide them in an organic way that doesn’t disrupt the user. The outcome? SEO is easier to accomplish than ever before.

Content and blogging. You don’t need pages of lists and paragraph after paragraph about your business. Minimalist content on websites isn’t a trend, it’s practical.

When you’ve got a lot of content on your site, you risk losing the attention of users. Do your customers really care if you can do just about anything? Or do they want to know what you’re actually good at? If you can’t tell them what you’re good at in a few paragraphs — you’ll lose them.

Blogging fits snuggly into the content world but takes slightly more effort in that it’s not one-and-done. And it takes time to grow a following. As more and more staffing companies fill the internet with “10 Resume Tips for Jobseekers,” it becomes even more important to create quality, shareable and original content. If you’re paying a blogger to write posts don’t expect them to do it all. I know, I know, you’re thinking: “well, then what am I paying them for?”

Chances are the writer doesn’t work with you in the capacity that a candidate or client would so you have to give him something to work with. You wouldn’t expect an accountant to do your taxes without any numbers, would you?

If your staffing company can upgrade or improve on any of these website features you’ll be one step closer to looking like the star recruiter you already are.

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Karen Locke

Karen Locke
Karen Locke is a content strategist and writer at Staffing Robot.

Karen Locke

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