Debunking Staffing Industry Myths

ThinkstockPhotos-455245205Temporary or project-based jobs are playing an increasingly important role in the continued economic recovery. According to CareerBuilder’s annual jobs forecast report, temporary employment is expected to pick up over the next 12 months as employers struggle to fill in-demand roles and strive to maintain more flexibility in their workforce. Forty-six percent of employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2015, up from 42 percent last year.

Kineticom Inc. believes the contractor and project-based workforce is nearing historic highs as well. This labor force is on the rise for a reason and is a viable and fruitful option for many. But the workforce still battles many myths, INSTABILITY likely the most common.

Why is this a myth?

Provides Contractors:

  • An opportunity to determine best fit before taking a permanent position
  • Flexibility across geographies and companies
  • Insurance & benefits, which can be obtained from many companies and outside parties at highly competitive rates
  • Opportunity to try on different hats, work in various types of businesses, even add new skills and experience
  • If you have subject-matter expertise in an in-demand field, you stand to not only have a lot of employment options, but make even more than your counterparts with full-time employment.

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Provides Employers:

  • Instant expertise and adds to organizations intellectual capacity
  • Cost controls in order to reduce the concern around the economic and regulatory uncertainties
  • Speed & agility to access the right talent to meet specific skill or competitive challenges quickly, without incurring longer-term costs or disrupting the organization
  • Allows clients to staff up for short-range projects without the price tag of healthcare and other benefits
  • A full staff of human resources experts able to help navigate through the complicated waters of ACA compliance, employee classification and wage matters

That said, Kineticom Inc. expects to see the growth of project-based and contract work as a permanent corporate strategy across the telecom, IT and several other sectors throughout 2015 and years to come. It is clear to see that the temporary and contract workforce will play a positive role in the progression of the US jobs recovery, maybe even more so than ever before.

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Ashley Netzband

Ashley Netzband
Ashley Netzband is Brand Communications Manager of Kineticom, Inc. She can be reached at ashley (dot) netzband (at) kineticom (dot) com.

Ashley Netzband

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