5 Image Tarnishing Myths Surrounding RPO Debunked

ThinkstockPhotos-485017745The RPO industry is still in its blooming phase and is still a relatively new concept that has yet to settle in with the businesses world wide. Naturally, like all sprouting and upcoming things in life, the RPO industry has been swarmed with various myths, some of which pose quite a threat to the industry as a whole.

This has come about mainly because of the customized treatment that each client or individual receives from their respective RPO experience. Some have always thrived with RPO agency tie-ups, whereas others have felt some sort of hindrance that left them with a bitter aftertaste.

However, myths should not prevail, let alone hamper an industry in itself. So here is a compilation of top five myths that have been holding organizations back from openly welcoming RPO agencies and solutions.

1. No control over RPO activities. This is one of the main myths that scare away most business owners. It is, however, completely untrue. You have the options of either outsourcing the entire recruitment process to the agency or just use them for selected task; but in no circumstance do you ever lose control over the RPO activities.

The RPO agency is duty-bound to work in complete collaboration with you and your needs and are also accountable for every outsourced activity that they have undertaken for you.

Any agency that fails to maintain transparency of activities or tries to bypass your control and monitoring rights, is either defrauding you or are simply diverging from the traditional ethical practices. Of this, you should always ensure.

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2. RPO leads to lay-offs. This is another myth that has no factual ground. RPO solutions are for improving and streamlining the hiring process of a company so that the company doesn’t have to focus too hard on that aspect and channelize their resources on more important tasks at hand.

Sometimes, some companies use RPO services for getting the most reasonable fit for a position or two where in the company feels that the present employee isn’t proving to be a beneficial match for the company. But that is the case with any company irrespective of hiring RPO agencies or not.

3. RPO is for large scale businesses. Initially, RPO services used to incur a lot of cost due to which it was only preferred by the large scale corporations. However with the advent of networking and internet, this barrier of exclusivity is broken. Today RPO services come in various sizes and packages that fits the budget of any business – small or large.

4. RPO is expensive and unprofitable for a business. RPO services do come at a price. They are, after all a business, operating for profit too. But, it is not true that hiring RPO services can be detrimental to your finances. The RPO costs incurred are leveled off pretty quickly through the types of solutions that the provide to the organization. The solutions have a win-win nature to it meaning, your business as well as the agency you hired, both profit from the venture.

5. RPO solution works either as a whole complete package or never at all. This is that kind of a statement that leans on a philosophical standpoint. RPO, is what you want it to be for you. Using of RPO services is under your complete jurisdiction, and it should be employed as per the requirements, no more no less.

Having said that, it doesn’t have to mean that you need to outsource the complete hiring process. RPO agencies usually have all sorts of plans that include everything from complete hiring process to head-hunting for only a few tough positions that are otherwise hard to fill for a company on their own.

With these myths out of the way, I’m sure you have got a better grasp on how the world of RPO functions and how it can assist you in your productive venture.

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Anuj Mehta

Anuj Mehta
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Anuj Mehta

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