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Market leadership in today’s business is invariably linked to the talent that powers the business. This is even more applicable to new age enterprises and independent software vendors racing to stay relevant in the agile world. While software development has reached newer levels of agility, it is the software quality that determines the success of the brand. Having the right QA staff that can ensure impeccable software quality with the speed that matters is the key to staying successful. Modern software architectures have made sure software QA workforce is more specialized than what it was ever imagined to be. This further emphasizes the fact ability to staff QA needs is a 100% specialist affair.

Is your QA staffing need served by a specialist QA staffing vendor?

We have arrived at a stage where global businesses are increasingly looking at staffing services firms to help them meet their talent requirements. MSP focused IT Staffing firms are expanding and getting larger due to catering to wide range of skillset requirements from clients. As this happens, an interesting trend is starting to emerge – specialized staffing.

Businesses are increasingly realizing that every functional area is strikingly different, be it a recruitment consultant, devops testing professional or someone who excels in openstack coding and solutions engineering or security, etc. With work roles becoming increasingly complex, it is truly difficult to have one person or a team understand the intricacies of each of these fields, and that’s human.

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Consider software teting. A few years back, we were focused on named operating systems and far fewer types of devices, mostly consisting of desktops. This made software testing far less challenging than it is today. With diverse operating systems, varied screen sizes, browsers, platforms and devices, software testing has become increasingly complex. Software testing now sees areas such as performance testing, security testing, mobile application testing, customer (user) experience testing, and so on.

In addition, the goal of software testing has undergone a drastic change over the years. While it started off with ensuring quality in the code and the end-product, it is now clear that quality has to be ensured in every stage of the application development process. It further strengthens the case to have reusable test automation frameworks and accelerators that can bringin in substantial agility to the overall software release cycles without deterring the software readiness.

As the benefits of testing at every stage started getting worldwide acceptance, the need was felt for having testers work with developers at every stage of the process, in an attempt to reduce the software test lifecycle. With agile methodologies are getting popular, new modes of testing such as continuous integration testing, DevOps testing and overall, the agile software testing models came up as well.

Then businesses also realized the need to achieve greater value from the software testing exercise and started looking up at the area to provide significant value add for achieving a non-linear growth trajectory rather than the norm of consistent linear growth. Ability to setup test centers of excellence around automation, performance, security, mobility have gained more importance.Hence, more and more career testers, highly specialized in their domains, automation skill sets and various technologies have started seeing a lot of demand for their niche skills. This further makes hiring a specialist QA resource a compelling challenge that businesses face.

Specialized QA staffing thus becomes a challenging task. The choice of test professionals for a particular role has to clearly identify the tester’s ability and aptitude and these should sync with the needs of the position which the staffing firm is desired to fill. Expecting a high level of niche QA hiring experience in all the fields of testing from generic staffing companies who staff positions across the board in various fields from doctors, nurses, insurance professionals, developers, testers seems far-fetched. If you are looking at creating value from software testing while transforming your test organization, source the right QA talent for the specific software testing needs of your organisation. Specialized QA staffing firms understand your testing processes better and would provide you with the resources which perfectly align with the goals of your business.

Are you engaging a specialist QA staffing vendor? Stay ahead in the business by investing in specialist firms that can help increase your market leadership. Software quality is a business enabler and software testers are specialized workforce. Adopt specific strategies to have them on board.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on specialized QA staffing.

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Subhendu Pattnaik

Subhendu Pattnaik
Subhendu Pattnaik is the head of marketing at Gallop Solutions, a specialized QA Staffing services firm headquartered in Philadelphia. He can be reached at Subhendu (at) gallop (dot) net.

Subhendu Pattnaik

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