Tech Tools Recruiters Need to Land the Best Candidates, Part 2

466390491Last week, I listed five tools recruiters need to land the best candidates. Today, I round out that list with the remaining five.

6. Data mining. The HR department may not necessarily be the best first point of contact when you’re reaching out to place candidates. The functional areas — IT, marketing, accounting, etc. — are those who feel the pain of staffing deficiencies, so reaching out to those decision-makers with the right candidates can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Data mining can help you find them. For example, perhaps you have marketing candidates with deep Hubspot experience or IT developers who specialize in Ruby on Rails. Data mining technologies can help you find companies that are using those technologies and may need specialists to fill gaps.

7. Billing and payment engines. For staffing agencies, calculating and complying with complex local compensation requirements can be a manual and complex process. Insurance, taxes, gross vs. net pay and invoicing can require hours of manual admin work. But, automated technologies designed to handle these processes can alleviate this huge drain on resources, freeing up more time and budget to focus on recruiting and new business development – instead of paperwork.

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8. The cloud. While this isn’t necessarily a singular technology, using cloud-based platforms for all of these applications — plus email, phone service and other business technology — can offer tremendous efficiencies and cost savings. While some organizations have been hesitant to move to the cloud over data security concerns, much of that has been mitigated and the fear is waning. Using cloud services enables your recruiters and business development teams to access vital, real-time information from anywhere, allowing them to be out meeting with clients and candidates instead of sitting in the office updating spreadsheets.

9. Mobile access. Again, this is not a singular technology, but rather a standard operating procedure that goes hand-in-hand with cloud technology. The most advanced recruiting technologies today all have companion mobile applications that put the power of these tools literally in the palm of your hand. Mobile use is growing rapidly, so it’s wise to invest in a solution that offers this capability from the start.

10. The open Web. Yes, it’s vast and deep. It might seem impossible that the huge expanse of the World Wide Web could possibly even be a tool, given its sheer size. However, with the right solutions built with flexible, portable frameworks, you can master the open web and wield it as your best weapon in finding the best new business opportunities and candidates — even in a very competitive market. Cross-platform integration is critical, regardless of the specific tools you choose. Having solutions that can connect the dots without duplicating efforts can help you overcome the vastness of the open web and leverage this rich repository of data for maximum results.

When choosing tools, the most important criteria should always be to select systems that integrate up-front with your existing solutions, and whose developers are forward-thinking enough to provide an ability to seamlessly upgrade, grow and evolve the solution with your business. Getting locked in to a closed-wall system can be a disaster in the long run. It virtually guarantees that your company will fall behind as technology marches on and rip-and-replace initiatives become far more expensive and overwhelming. Achieving cross-platform awareness, communication and functionality is the critical factor for success in the era of tech-driven recruiting.

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Ted Elliott

Ted Elliott
Ted Elliott is CEO of Jobscience.

Ted Elliott

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