6 Key Employer Branding Strategies: Infographic

466959933Building a strong employer brand will help you conquer the war for talent. And WilsonHCG’s Fortune 500 top employment brands infographic breaks down the elements that make up a top employer brand. The best-in-class companies revealed provide a benchmark for effective employment branding tactics that you can use to elevate your organization’s employer brand.

View the infographic to find out which Fortune 500 companies made the top 5 employer brand list, the key traits these organizations possess and how industries rank against each other.

Contact info@wilsonhcg.com with further questions and click to receive a complimentary copy of WilsonHCG’s Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands Report.


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Kim Pope

Kim Pope
Kim Pope is vice president of recruitment solutions, WilsonHCG.

Kim Pope

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