Shaping the Industry Together: eBook, Video Share Wisdom from The Staffing 100 Leaders

157579042When I first started in the industry, there was no mechanism for sharing wisdom and ideas across the business. The Internet and Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) did not exist. We learned our lessons the hard way and from leaders in our own companies. While those ways are still important, we have the unique opportunity to learn from executives and visionaries in the staffing business who know the world of work inside and out. One such group is The Staffing 100, those leading the way for staffing who are recognized annually by SIA.

I’m excited to announce the new erecruit™ series “Leadership Insights: Featuring SIA’s Staffing 100” introductory video and eBook Volume 1, showcasing interviews with some of 2014’s Staffing 100. Download Volume 1 and see the video here!

Many of The Staffing 100 for 2014 were influencers for me personally throughout the years. These visionaries are shaping the industry. They have the wisdom that comes from experience as well as exposure to thousands of client companies and candidates in every staffing vertical. They helped teach me how to evolve as a leader in the business, from a recruiter in Austin, Texas, to branch management then national leadership and beyond. I give them – and all of The Staffing 100 – my personal thanks for sharing their ideas and insights. We are all better because they came before us.

The staffing industry has a vital role in the productivity of companies and the lives of people around the world. Each of us has a part in shaping the way the world will work today and in the future. What each person in the industry does every day matters in countless ways – and we each have a story to tell. Let’s take the time to listen, learn and share with each other so that we continue to grow together.

I hope you enjoy the eBook and video as much as I have! It was my pleasure to be a part of interviewing these leaders and sharing their stories with all of you. I hope you’ll take a few moments to listen to what they have to say – and open your minds to whatever thoughts that experience brings you. Let’s make that a focus in 2015. Together, we will continue to raise the bar for the industry and improve services to clients and candidates around the world.

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Nina Pickell

Nina Pickell
Nina Pickell is vice president, marketing, at erecruit.

Nina Pickell

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