Leveraging Social Media Wisely in Recruiting and Staffing

493533923According to recent research conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, social recruiting in the staffing industry is not much influenced by the importance of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. When the more than 3,000 temporary workers were asked which social networking sites they use the most when looking for a job, just 2.6 percent said they used Facebook, and only 0.5 percent used Twitter to search for jobs.

This suggests that job seekers rarely use Facebook or Twitter for temporary or contract work. Yet other research suggests the same story from the staffing industry.  But surprisingly, these stats are not applicable on LinkedIn, which is the backbone of the social recruiting world. There are several staffing agencies having a social media presence outside of LinkedIn, so what could be the likely strategy to use these social sites if job seekers do not frequent these sites for job searches?

How to use social media wisely. To start with, don’t assume these stats from mean that social recruiting cannot pay. Instead, there can be the more viable ways to utilize social media for improved results. It will only require a shift in strategy.

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Use it for branding instead of actual recruitment. Temporary job seekers may not appear to be using Facebook or Twitter employment. Instead, many of them use these platforms in their daily lives online. These platforms are the most promising market to stay visible to wider spectrum of potential candidates. These platforms can be used for staffing firms to develop the employer brand and can act to engage candidates.

Relevant and enticing content to social media may not drive people to search their jobs on Facebook, but it can remain fresh in the minds of people seeking temporary work. These platforms are more focused on marketing than recruitment.

Instead of driving traffic toward actual job postings, staffing professionals can develop interest in the minds of candidates about their brand to stay fresh when they ever take decision to look for work.

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Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
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Reena Gupta

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