Services That Can Set Your Firm Apart – Part 1

465579687Generally, temporary staffing services offer very similar services to fit the labor needs of their clients. Many agencies provide support to clients that help them fulfill long-term business goals. They offer hiring services for temporary workers, direct placement, temp-to-hire, project-based assignments and a long-term contingency workforce.

As your temporary staffing agency grows, the need to provide an added level of support becomes very important. You are contending with other agencies in your geographical location for the same clients. At the same time, more companies are replacing once full-time positions with short-term temporary workers. The demand is great and the need to distinguish your agency from others is much more imperative.

How can you distinguish your staffing services from your competitors? Innovation is key with a strong focus on value to client needs. Start with a plan that allows your agency to provide continuous first-class staffing services.

The employment landscape has gone through a dynamic change even before the Great Recession prompted many companies to do more with fewer workers. Do not become distracted in trying to be all things to every client. Know which market you want to serve, the locations and available resources so you can effectively market to those companies.

Avoid burn out or unsustainable growth. Stay abreast of trends that could have a negative impact on your client relationships or the quality of candidates that you recruit. Keeping a close eye on trends that are not only affecting employers, but also workers, will help you develop successful staffing programs.

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Offer Niche Staffing Services
Offering niche staffing services to clients can benefit your agency in many ways. Most important, you become an expert in that particular industry. By devoting resources to a narrow field where few agencies are involved, you have a direct line to current news and information that concerns your clients. With a niche service, your clients will benefit from your knowledge that leads to better candidate selections. Processes, certifications and minute details related to open positions helps you narrow your search for targeted skill sets.

An illustration of this is recruiting for general administrative candidates versus candidates with expertise in vendor management systems and scheduling experience. Your search for candidates with general skills allows you to cast a wide net and collect hundreds – if not thousands – of resumes. On the other hand, seeking executive assistants with specific skills shows clients that you have a full understanding of their needs. Niche clients will have confidence in your staffing agency. They know that you are capable of filling their open positions.

Another benefit to having a niche that distinguishes your staffing agency is limiting the competition. Instead of competing with every staffing agency in your service area that recruits general administrative workers, you only have to distinguish agency from those that provide similar services. You can be selective in how your marketing resources are used, which can lead to results that are more effective in garnering business.

Offer Training at a Reduced Cost
The idea that more training equals more job opportunities is not lost on you as a staffing professional or job seekers who sign up with your agency. More agencies are beginning to understand the importance of offering training programs and resources to candidates. Not only is this good for candidates, but most clients may expect you to offer training for certain positions.

You can distinguish your agency by securing discounted rates for training courses that job seekers can complete. Partner with local business and skills training programs to negotiate reduced rates for job seekers who apply with your agency. An alternative is offering to pay a percentage of a training course after candidates complete six months of work.

Many temporary staffing agencies offer some form of training to job seekers. However, you can show your commitment to education and training by offering continuing education tuition as part of your benefits package. You build trust when candidates see that you are invested in their professional development. This will attract the best candidates and establish your staffing agency as one of the top service providers in the area.

In my next post, I will discuss three more ways you can ensure your staffing firm stands out with clients and candidates.

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Raul Esqueda

Raul Esqueda
Raul Esqueda is president of 1st Commercial Credit.

Raul Esqueda

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  1. […] Generally, temporary staffing services offer very similar services to fit the labor needs of their clients. Many agencies provide support to clients that help them fulfill long-term business goals.  […]

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