Social Media Is a Lot Like Real Life

93291221Why do people seem to think that just because online interactions aren’t face to face, they aren’t real? Who decided what “real” was? Regardless of the medium, there are still at least two minds and hearts involved.

Let’s look at the definition of social to ensure we are on the same page:

  • Pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations: a social club.
  • Seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious.
  • Living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation: People are social beings.

You are probably starting to see where I am going with this.

Social media is not a billboard, a commercial, a shiny color ad in a newspaper or a radio spot — it is a relationship.

When your staffing company joins a social media platform, you have to “agree” to their terms and conditions but you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of the people already playing in that sandbox.

The biggest rule: Be social and be real. 

We’ve all been in a conversation at a party when someone bursts in and starts talking all about him or herself, with no awareness of what has been going on. What’s worse, people like this don’t really seem to care to find out what the conversation was about. They will never know your name but they may shoot imaginary finger pistols at you and say “Am I right or AM I right?!”

So, if you hate THAT guy in real life … why are you imitating him online?

People are generally good and appreciate effort when they see it. If your staffing company’s social media presence is trying to be real and genuine, people will recognize that and respond to it.

They will that you are trying to connect with your market, that you are listening, and that you are there for the right reasons. They will recognize real, because they are real.

No one wants to be in a relationship where the other person only thinks about what they can get out of it. Of course, metrics, data and numbers are important and anything that costs your staffing company money should be monitored.

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BUT… social media is about building relationships, not just markets.

Real relationships take time. You don’t ask your new friend to introduce you to all their friends the first day and you don’t ask the nice barista to help you move the second time she gets your name right. Why not? Because there is still fostering to be done and maybe that person won’t even turn out to be a good friend.

The people we enjoy talking to the most are the generally the ones that:

  • Listen, I mean really listen. The kind of listening that when you see them again, they ask you questions based on your last conversation. “So how did that sweet potato dish turn out?”
  • Make you feel important. You feel, in that moment, there is no one else they would rather be talking to.
  • Respond to you when you talk to them. This may seem obvious, but I can’t tell you how many staffing companies tell me, “Oh, we have a Twitter account,” but couldn’t tell me the handle or the last time a tweet was sent. Most likely someone has tried interacting with them on Twitter and didn’t get a response back. This is equivalent to walking up to someone at a party, asking them a question, and they look right at you and never say a word back. Just a creepy blank stare. Awkward.
  • Talk about a variety of things. Not just their kids, cats, political views or home-based business; any of those things are fine in moderation, just spread it out. A megaphone approach to even the most interesting of subjects doesn’t work.

This is your staffing company’s chance! You can build lasting champions, you can tell your story, connect with people and make lifetime brand advocates. Most things in life are subject to the golden rule. Why would social media be any different?

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Nicole Weathers

Nicole Weathers
Nicole Weathers is social media advisor at Staffing Robot.

Nicole Weathers

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