Total Talent Solutions: A Tale of Two Geographies, Part 2

stk127140rkeI recently posted there are differences between the U.K. and the U.S. in terms of combining managed service and recruitment process outsourcing solutions into one integrated approach. I highlighted two examples of U.K. companies that have combined the two to support a total talent acquisition strategy. Now I’d like to explore the U.S. landscape and some similarities the regions share.

U.S. staffing companies have been pitching integrated solutions for a good while now. They have achieved some success, albeit more limited. One supplier identified smaller manufacturing and oil & gas firms requiring high volume placements as likely targets because they have to be more nimble to complete. Another noted that professional consulting is a good target … so creative resource management is a necessity for their survival.

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Cegedim is a great example, with 100 to 200 permanent hires and 800 to 900 contingent workers under management annually, by Allegis Global Solutions. The integrated program, deployed in 2009, enables both scalability and optimal use of talent with one strategic partner at the helm.

Fortune 1000 companies, however, are talking … but not buying. Some believe it is the entrenchment of high volume MSP solutions and the belief that these two processes are too different to combine for high volume hiring. Others are concerned about meeting EEOC and diversity reporting requirements.

Dave McGonegal, VP of strategic client solutions at ManpowerGroup Solutions, weighed in on this, “In the U.S. the vast majority of traditional variable labor cost management techniques has been leveraged and client cost structures have been optimized. Future savings will be driven by an integrated approach to resource fulfillment … and expanding talent pools in each geography.”

Despite the side of the pond they come from, early adopters share one main similarity. Based on conversations with buyers and solutions providers, success in both regions seems to be primarily with small to midsize engagements.

Perhaps as these successes are better publicized, inertia in big companies may begin to crumble.Or is the Total Talent Acquisition Solution destined for adoption only for smaller engagements? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this trend.

What about more strategic workforce planning to manage this evolving approach? More on that in my next post.

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Kay Colson

Kay Colson
Kay Colson is VP, service delivery, Texas Children's Hospital, Kinetix. She can be reached at kcolson (at) kinetixhr (dot) com.

Kay Colson

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