Staying Afloat in Staffing by Swimming Through Global Talent Pools

76754427Today’s global interconnectivity allows us to stay in touch with people all around the world. Whether it’s for business, to see family, or to learn about foreign lands, our global reach extends far beyond our borders.

This changes the game in business because this new ability impacts beyond just business transactions. Recruiters and hiring managers, in particular, must adapt and to do it instinctively. One of these necessary but demanding efforts requires an extended reach for people: talent for each and every job resides all over the globe, so tapping into new candidate pools on a regular basis can provide those seeking new employees with an entirely new set of potentials.

The question of where to begin with this stretch remains: how do recruiters and hiring managers break barriers to reach out to international candidates, and how do they do it well?  Many fail at the outset because it’s not an easy task, and it’s a challenging journey, but those looking to find talented individuals across the globe should start with the following steps.

Leverage your network. Some of the best contacts stem from following leads through existing relationships. Examine your current network and current conversations and begin to build off of them. Let your contacts know that location makes no difference in hiring and that you’re looking to connect with talented individuals regardless of where they live. Keep in mind that face-to-face communication remains the primary way to secure connections. After using your network to trace new paths, aim to sync up with new contacts in person at least once to instill a bond and legitimize associations.

Start traveling. Traveling the globe takes courage, flexibility and spontaneity which means it may not appeal to everyone. This step remains crucial, though, because the trails laid out by your networks can only come to fruition if pursued. The in-person connection comes to light again in this step because creating stronger, solid relationships face-to-face likely requires some travelling to reach your candidate. In this stage, be willing to take chances; one journey can lead to many more, and this may lead you to find a new prospect that otherwise would remain unknown.

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Enjoy the ride. Leaping beyond your comfort zone may leave you feeling unsettled at first, but this journey really pays off — even beyond the professional boundaries. Though the voyage revolves around work, the mission to tap into global talent pools can provide recruiters and hiring managers with some of the best experiences of their lives. From meeting new people to touring countries to discovering new and exclusive talent, the world tour presents tons of opportunities, adventures and learning experiences.

Taking advantage of today’s global interconnectivity perplexes most, and figuring it all out also proves difficult, but using the intertwined world to connect with top talent can launch recruiting and hiring efforts to new heights. It’s important to keep in mind that finding untapped talent pools across the globe isn’t a good fit for every industry or job role, so before embarking on this journey, carefully consider the industry and job roles you’re recruiting for. Voyaging through the journey removes some of the hesitation and trial, though, and with some guidelines and dedication, recruiters and hiring managers can consistently and effectively build and maintain a global network of prospective employees.

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Taso Du Val

Taso Du Val
Taso Du Val is founder and CEO of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Toptal. Previously, he was a member of the founding team at and an engineer at Slide and Fotolog.

Taso Du Val

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