The State of Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace

87344572Harassment and discrimination violations can cause major damages to an organization, and not just legal costs. One claim can quickly derail a company’s longstanding reputation that took years to build, as well as dampen employee morale and overall goodwill. To eliminate the chances of such a claim being made, companies must work diligently to instill an ethical culture where employees understand these issues and work to prevent them from ever happening.

One of the first steps to get employees on board with the company’s ethical standards is putting a comprehensive code of conduct and anti-harassment policy in place. This should not only outline the company policy, but also provide step-by-step instructions on what to do if and when an employee is subjected to workplace harassment or learns of a policy violation. Many companies don’t realize that ethics training must go farther than just handing new employees a policy manual. Instead, companies must continue to educate their employees on these policies, as well as engage them in follow-up awareness learning and ongoing awareness communications. Harassment and discrimination training can’t be viewed as a “one and done” exercise.

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Jimmy Lin

Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin is vice president of product management and corporate development at The Network .

Jimmy Lin

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