Don’t Be Bullied by RPO

185854383Because recruitment tactics are ever-evolving, so are talent acquisition strategies and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. In recent years, RPO has shifted from a solution that focuses on cost and scale to a strategic workforce initiative. The goal is not just “filling seats,” but building a well-rounded talent acquisition program that leverages employment branding to attract top talent and workforce planning to forecast future employment needs, for example. Because of this comprehensive approach, RPO can be thought of as a “bully” that takes control of your HR department.When, really, it’s about building a more proactive recruitment model overall by refining all of the aspects of the talent acquisition program.

The first step in making sure an RPO doesn’t “take over” is to know where your company is heading into the future. Collaboration in building out short-term and long-term talent acquisition plans that help you reach organizational goals is key to success. Are you planning on expanding rapidly in the next year? An RPO could provide in-depth market research and data analysis services to help with workforce planning and assist you with the transition. Do you need to build the global presence of your employment brand? Recruitment marketing and SEO strategies should be incorporated into your talent acquisition plan. RPOs can help you map out how hiring can get you to where you want your company to be. But that’s only possible if there is full transparency about your company’s current challenges and future aspirations.

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Having your organization’s internal DNA established prior to supplementing your recruitment function with an RPO is ideal. What are your company’s core values? And why do employees like working at your organization? With this knowledge, an RPO and its recruitment professionals can gain a better understanding of how you want to be known in the market place. They become integrated into the client’s organization by embracing its brand and providing a seamless representation of the employment brand and company culture to candidates.All of the recruitment tactics must move in unison to ensure a streamlined process and consistent candidate experience. It’s also important to select an RPO that naturally aligns with your company’s values.

Before leveraging an RPO, you should know where your company’s current reputation stands in the market place. This is the only way to measure the effectiveness of the enhancements an RPO makes, and for the provider to help you identify opportunities that could improve the talent acquisition function’s effectiveness. What are candidates saying about your interview process? What are employees reporting about their onboarding experience? Evaluate your company reviews on Glassdoor, social media sites and other online platforms. Consider implementing a candidate survey even prior to the RPO’s engagement to gauge their experience. It will provide insight and give you a good baseline for continuous monitoring.

With the ideal pre-engagement preparations in place and the selection of the right provider, RPO will not only improve your recruitment process but build a best-in-class talent acquisition program that is customized based on your needs and desired results.

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Kim Pope

Kim Pope
Kim Pope is vice president of recruitment solutions, WilsonHCG.

Kim Pope

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