One Stop vs. Boutique

183753711In this fast-paced, ‘make every minute count’ world, it can be hard to pass up the one-stop-shop and find the boutique service that best suites our needs. Not boutique in the sense of fancy or over-priced, but boutique in the sense of custom. If staffing needs are basic enough that anyone equipped and knowledgeable in the ways of hiring can do it, then who cares?

But if staffing needs are more than a series of steps to simply make a job seeker an employee, then which of the many firms can best provide the custom service a company seeks? What is the staffing firm’s area(s) of specialty? Why are they experts in that field? How much time and TLC do they have to put into finding the most ideal employees, and what systems do they have in place to expedite the process?

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With red flashing lights all around us saying “We’ve Got What You Need,” shoppers have a greater task than ever before of finding who truly does have what they need. Options and choices are everywhere! As any informed shopper knows, service and quality and price and so much more all comprise the supreme buying experience, so how can any single provider have everything everyone needs? In a world where one-stop shopping can be so alluring, don’t forget to seek (your) Best Boutique when it counts.

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Alisha VanderZwaag

Alisha VanderZwaag
Alisha VanderZwaag is business development manager for Belflex Staffing Network.

Alisha VanderZwaag

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