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109840364Staffing professionals know the importance of training their workforce. Job seekers who improve their skills have a much better chance of getting the assignment that turns into a full-time job, and staffing professionals who improve their skills have a better chance of recruiting top talent and out-performing the competition.

Luckily, there are many courses available to the staffing professional, and adding these skills to your resume will make you more effective at your job and a better resource to the job seekers you place.

Before you close out 2013, sign up for one of these courses and plan to take it early next year. You’ll be glad you did.

Six Sigma Lean Principles. Six Sigma is a business practice designed to improve your internal processes. Although it is commonly associated with manufacturing and sales, it also has applicability in the staffing industry. As the course description for one advanced lean principles & tools certificate notes: “Lean Principles is a system working together in harmony which will provide you with a set of tools, quality improvement methods and a business philosophy based on a deep understanding of people and human motivation.”

Does that sound like you? Staffers have to understand people and human motivation, and we can all use a new look at quality improvement methods. If you want to improve the processes by which you run your business and place your job candidates, a Six Sigma Lean Principles course is a great way to start.

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GTD Mastering Workflow. GTD stands for “Getting Things Done,” and it has helped innumerable busy professionals learn how to manage the continually shifting needs of the modern workplace. Whether you suffer from analysis paralysis, have issues with procrastination, or are simply wondering how you can keep on top of an ever-increasing workload, a GTD Mastering Workflow seminar will teach you how to quickly sort and categorize your work, break all tasks down to a series of manageable actions, and structure your workday to avoid procrastination traps and seamlessly shift between the many hats you are required to wear.

American Resource Staffing. Of course, some of the best classes for staffing professionals are the ones specifically designed to address the challenges of the staffing industry. American Resource Staffing offers numerous continuing education courses and seminars, and also offers two certifications: the Certified Staffing Professional and Technical Services Certified certifications. The Certified Staffing Professional certification, in particular, is a must-have for serious staffing professionals. In addition to learning more about how to be successful in your industry, adding these certifications to your resume gives you an instant boost both with job seekers and the organizations in which you place them.

If these courses don’t spark your interest, think about what type of course you might benefit from most in 2014. Is there a particular skill, such as cold calling or copywriting, that you would like to improve? Do you and other team members want to sign up for a course together? Sometimes a group course is one of the best ways to improve internal practices, because everyone returns from the course ready to change things in the same direction.

As you prepare for the end of the year, take some time to think about the type of training that might benefit you most in 2014. Then sign up for the appropriate seminar. Remember that training yourself is just as important as training your job seekers, and the more skills you have at your disposal, the better you will be at your job.

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Sara Stringer

Sara Stringer
Sara is a former medical and surgical assistant who now does freelance business consulting.

Sara Stringer

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