The Benefits of Using Executive Virtual Assistants

200171401-001Recently there has been some debate around the merits of using virtual workers. Like anything that gains the attention of the mainstream media, it is always worthwhile to dig a little deeper.

At the risk of being self-serving, I like to point out that in last three years, eaHELP has connected executive virtual assistants (EVAs) with hundreds of clients around the globe. These EVAs are helping leaders at all levels work faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before. And the results show in our bottom line — our system of connecting leaders with highly-skilled EVAs has seen double-digit client gains every quarter since our inception.

If you’re thinking about adding virtual workers to your teams (one variant on the contingent workers David Barfield referenced a few weeks ago), here are some reasons why you’re going to be glad you did:

  • Reduced employee burden costs. Using EVAs who are independent contractors means they don’t require benefits (healthcare, retirement accounts, vacation time, life insurance, etc.). Also, because the employees are virtual, you’re not paying for computers, equipment, office space, etc.
  • Highly-skilled workers. By implementing a rigorous screening process, only workers with proficiency in the areas you need will be selected. In addition to their skills and experiences, make sure your EVAs possess important attributes like a positive, “can do” attitude and a willingness to serve their clients.

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  • Flexibility. Rather than waiting to get approval for another full-time hire, adding an EVA will give you a flexible resource for the amount of time and work you need. Because our EVAs are independent contractors, adding them to your team involves little to no paperwork and gets the EVA up and running very quickly.
  • Insane levels of efficiency. When an EVA is working for you, they’re doing nothing else. No water-cooler conversations, no interruptions by coworkers, nothing to distract them from helping you to accomplish your organization’s goals.

This lists only scratches the surface of how you can benefit from using an EVA the right way. Sure EVAs are not right for everyone but there are many who have gained from engaging them. You can too.

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Bryan Miles

Bryan Miles
Bryan Miles is founder and CEO of eaHELP, an executive virtual assistant provider.

Bryan Miles

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