You’re Only as Good as Your Data

information systemsHow we collect data in the staffing industry has shifted dramatically from the days when pen and paper were the most valuable tools. New ideas of using cutting-edge technology to streamline business processes have rapidly spread across the market, and those who have accepted the change are quickly realizing that having accurate data is the “X-Factor.” Great information can be invaluable while bad, inaccurate data can be detrimental to your business’s core. Which one does your company provide?

I was very fortunate to have been a part of the conception and implementation of a new VMS software that is used by Ralph Lauren and Visiting Nurse Service of New York – white labeled through 3StorySoftware, a Hays company.  During the development stages of this innovative, cloud-based program, I really got a chance to understand the magnitude of precise, back-end data. The reports you can create with factual figures are amazing! Not only can you establish visibility into your own workforce but you will also be able to provide insightful information to your clients – which can be priceless and set you apart from your competition if it’s stellar data!

Think about it. Data is essentially research that your company performs on a daily basis to pinpoint and identify both strengths and weaknesses. The effectiveness of this data is contingent upon the quality and precision of the figures you provide.  How awesome would it be if you could give your client data that could be broken down by manager, cost code, candidate, department, rate or tenure? What type of value would that be for them?

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What about generating an internal report that reflects your staff’s performance metrics? Maybe you want to see how fast it takes your recruiters to fill a job or the average tenure of their placements. By utilizing meticulous quality assurance and control practices when it comes to your data acquisition and management – you can generate reporting like this that will improve the way you work! However, without the collection of data – the correct data – you won’t be able to achieve this level of insight.

Great data will leverage your company to make better business decisions!

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Maya Medena

Maya Medena
Maya Medena is a VP, talent, with Michael Greg Search She can be reached at maya (at) michaelgregsearch (dot) com or on LinkedIn.

Maya Medena

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