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148099322An improved hiring manager experience commonly is a top objective when organizations implement a VMS. Among many reasons, they implement a technology to achieve compliance, cost savings, quality, and efficiency, but the customer doesn’t (or shouldn’t) fail to forget how hiring managers are going to adapt to these changes.The efficiencies gained through VMS use allow the PMO to offer services we call the PMO Concierge.

Just like concierge services at a hotel, hiring managers would graciously value the same from their PMO. It’s not expected or demanded, but it’s a luxury and people feel valued and impressed by the level of high-class service.The same kind of exceptional customer service can be facilitated through a VMS that provides easy-to-use features and functionality that aids collaboration.

Because hiring managers are busy, they need staff and resources with as little effort as possible. The PMO supports hiring managers and provides guidance, direction, suggestions and expertise. The extent of the “concierge service” offered by the PMO can be extensive.  Here are some ways that the PMO, aided by a VMS, can provide an easy experience for hiring managers.

Simplified Job Posting Creation
One PMO Concierge strategy could involve simplifying and shortening job posting creation. By including only critical value-add data points on the job creation step such as start date, end date, job title and number of resources needed, hiring managers know the process is relatively painless and a worthwhile effort.  The fewer clicks and data fields for the hiring manager to complete, the easier it is!

Of course the PMO may wish to include details and nuances in the job posting. A VMS technology that allows hiring managers to complete only essential components with the PMO augmenting secondary information greatly improves the hiring manager experience.

Constant Availability
Another PMO Concierge strategy is simply accessibility. If there is a question during any step of the process (job posting creation, candidate selection, or even after the worker is onboarded), the hiring manager wants an easy mode of communicating with the PMO.

An end user-focused VMS is capable of supporting adhoc requests so hiring managers can ask questions during the job creation process and get immediate feedback. This real-time communication is effective for centralizing documentation, approvals and commitments, but also for simplifying the user experience.

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One Step Ahead
An excellent concierge service stays ahead of the curve and provides direction before it’s even requested. Using a VMS, the PMO can provide top-notch service by adding reminders to hiring managers’ desktops. Making an object immediately accessible is a time saver and will win the PMO some points. For example, if hiring managers were midway through reviewing job seekers before going on vacation, the PMO could set a desktop reminder for them to review the latest job seekers in order to subtly keep the ball rolling on the sourcing request upon their return. The PMO can further provide exceptional service by allowing hiring managers and other users to “favorite” a frequently used item such as a report, graph or job posting.

Relevant Data
Visibility to relevant data is key. To provide this data to hiring managers the moment they log in, the PMO Concierge can build a suite of graphs and charts to appear on users’ desktops.  While the hiring managers think about this data output, they’re often unsure how to see it.  Offering these relevant data elements at a glance is a huge win. Immediate visibility to data can also drive behavior, such as mitigating late or slow approvals of time sheets or assignment revisions. These reminders alert the manager of a potential risks or red flags like excessive overtime or dramatic changes to staffing usage in their business unit.

Individually, each of these PMO Concierge strategies is powerful, but when used in unison, the PMO is providing top-notch services to hiring manager. You win their hearts, save them some time and give them quality candidates in return. You have effectively found a niche where you will always be welcome by the hiring manager user community.Your job is done, until next time.

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Marie Wohrer

Marie Wohrer
Marie Wohrer is an account manager at Fieldglass.

Marie Wohrer

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