5 Tips for New Recruiters

fiveNew talent acquisition managers may feel overwhelmed by their careers, and even though they may have a lot of information available to them as they navigate their new roles, they may not know where to start. Here are a few simple tips for new recruiters:

1. Make an effort to learn as much as possible. While the early days of any job will be busy ones, it is important to make sure to set aside time to research and learn. This may involve scheduling lunch with a senior colleague, downloading articles and books to read on a commute or staying in for lunch to do a bit of extra work.

2. Be responsive. Returning emails and calls from clients and candidates is important, and it is surprising how many recruiters fail to do so in a timely manner. Making a habit of giving quick responses early on will set a new professional up for success.

3. Become an active listener. A recruiter’s job is to guide candidates through the recruitment process. In order to do that, it’s necessary to listen to the company’s needs, preferences, and aspirations. The more deeply recruiters get to know the people they work with, the better their placements will be. It is also important not to rely on memory, but to record it when it is fresh.

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4. Share the news of your new career. Particularly in recruiting, it is vital to have a large network of contacts. New recruiters should make sure to tell everyone in their social and professional circles about their position; talent acquisition success can come from unlikely places.

5. Stay centered in what’s important. When things get stressful, new recruiters should recall why they chose to take on this role. It may be helpful to write the reasons on a card and keep it close, just in case.

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Joseph Azzata

Joseph Azzata
Joseph J. Azzata is the founder of eCareer Holdings, Inc. From 2002 to 2010, Azzata was CEO and co-founder of Medical Connections Holdings Inc.

Joseph Azzata

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