An Industry in Hot Pursuit of Talent

mobile techWe’re a society on the move — and an industry in hot pursuit of talent.

In such a mobile society, our challenge as recruiters is to lasso talent and match them with employers as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

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It wasn’t always this way.

In the past, the expectation was you were trying to create marketing strategies around the personal computer and the traditional way people go through the Internet. But with the iPad and cell phones, that’s shifting dramatically.

Now, it’s all about the smartphone and how we can leverage it to link talent and employers.

In short, there’s a movement for a more mobile way for our industry to operate, which means there’s a constant race for talent.

This is happening in several ways:

  • Smartphone-friendly Web sites and apps
  • Instant upload of application information from social media
  • Online interviewing
  • New search engine optimization strategies

Let’s take the two most cutting-edge, emerging innovations first.

There is software now in which you can interview someone online and make it feel almost like you’re sitting in the office together.

The high-definition clarity allows interviewers to look in the eye of the interviewee and watch their mannerisms just as if they were sitting across from each other in the same room.

This type of technology is on the cusp of making in-office interviews obsolete, breaking down a barrier that can stand in the way of vetting talent quickly.

At the same time, technology is helping to eliminate the slow and sometimes  tedious process of filling out an application.

Soon, job applicants will be able to upload their information from their resume or Facebook or LinkedIn page with a simple tap on their Smartphone. The information can instantly transfer into a recruiting database, again eliminating a potential bottleneck in finding and vetting talent. Or job seekers will be able to drag and drop their resumes, making it possible to instantly share information.

And they can do it from anywhere: their cars, the grocery store, their living room couch.

There’s a constant pursuit of talent, so it’s important to stay innovative to find the best people.Keeping up with our mobile society is critical to staying ahead in our field.

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Aaron Grossman

Aaron Grossman
Aaron Grossman is president of Alliance Solutions Group.

Aaron Grossman

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