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business meeting (2)Most companies do an underwhelming job of selling candidates on why they should work there rather than for another organization. Make no mistake, if they’re interviewing with your company they are already, or soon will be, interviewing with other companies that value their capabilities. How is your company different? How does your organization make the workers’ and customers’ lives better?  Why does it matter if the candidate comes to work at your organization as opposed to another?

Company Values —  To stand out in today’s job marketplace hiring managers need to define the organization’s values in terms that resonate with people, not purely in bits and bytes nor business and monetary terms. From a candidate’s viewpoint your organization’s real values are what you and the others who work there believe in; what the organization is doing that will make its market or even the world, a better place.

Shared language and culture — What terms do various people in your company use to describe the organization; would they agree on the terms?  You need to find underlying ideas and meld them into a clearly defined description of the culture and be able to talk about it.  This description should speak to your organization’s core values and be the basis of the internal brand.

What is your internal brand? Here I refer to the internal “brand” that sets your organization apart from others.  Too often companies talk about benefits packages and “family atmosphere” as reasons someone should come to work there. Most organizations say that same thing and because they do, this will not differentiate your organization from another.

Every organization has a story to tell, one that all employees can tell with their own variations on the theme.  Being able to tell your company’s story and what it is that makes it a highly desirable place to work will help you connect with potential candidates in your interview process.

The difference is YOU. There IS a war for talent and hiring managers and HR staff must be prepared to “sell” their organization and its work environment to candidates in a very competitive hiring environment. The only real difference is between your company and the others competing for that person is YOU and the way in which you articulate your company’s core values and humanize your company’s internal brand when discussing with a candidate why your company is the place they should choose to work.

Mark Boeder

Mark Boeder
Mark Boeder is a senior technical recruiter for ITStaff Technical Resources He can be reached at mark.boeder (at) itstaffusa (dot) com.

Mark Boeder

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