Dialing to Recruit: Getting back to basics

BU000996When I first started recruiting I had a Rolodex — an actual Rolodex — and file folders on my desk. We have come a long way in the ensuing 17 years, and I am very thankful for all of the technology and all of the access that it creates. It had made it easy to organize our days and so much easier to message the masses about the projects we are working on to both passive and active job seekers.

On the flip side, we have become very dependent on the technology and while it has improved our productivity in so many ways it has also made us ineffective in some areas. I have noticed more and more recruiters and salespeople in staffing world relying on mass emails to do recruiting and to generate leads for them. While this is a good thing it should not be the main thing. We as salespeople and recruiters need to remember to use one of our most valuable tools on our desk: the telephone. We need to remember that cold calling is a major part of this job and that the most successful recruiters and sales people in our business still make cold calls every day. We also need to remember to mail actual handwritten notes to our prospects and clients. I have asked clients about this and they receive very few letters these days.

Many sales and recruiting firms have been so on finding new ways to implement technology that traditional training programs have been on the decline. Some firms, such as Ironside Human Resources, have established formal training for cold calling. Ironside recruiters do live cold weekly, with another representative listening in and later critiquing. This gives everyone the chance to participate and holds everyone accountable to making cold calls every week.

We have to remember technology is incredible and it should be used as a supplement to our everyday efforts of dialing the phone and having conversations with people. Conversation will always be the most powerful tool in your toolbox.

Doug Carter

Doug Carter
Doug Carter is CEO of Ironside Human Resources. He can be reached at doug (at) ironsidehr (dot) com.

Doug Carter

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