Sales Managers Have Three Constituencies

skd185297sdcMSP-based clients have become an integral part of the staffing industry and are predicted to grow in the near future. This has affected supplier organizational structures and led to a dynamic change in the traditional role of sales account managers.

Until recently, the supplier base still focused on working directly with the client and ignored the importance of working the MSP relationship. Many agencies still favor strategies that work around the MSP. The shift in the staffing industry has made the supplier base re-think that strategy and the sales manager role now has evolved to be servicing multiple clients: the MSP team, the contractors and the hiring managers have all become relationships to be worked on.

Sales managers now actively engage in a constructive and ongoing dialogue between all these communities at a specific account,enhancing growth. Traditional relationship development skills requiring effective call planning, identification of key decisions makers and end-user influencers within the account has now been diversified from just one hiring manager to several key contacts.

At times, working collaboratively with MSP operations to ensure a program delivery within compliance and volume performance metrics can be tricky. For instance, talking to the hiring manager about a rate hike for a particular candidate.It needs to be done but it has to be broached in the right way at the right time. In addition,the new dynamic is for sales manager to be an expert at building long-term relationships as a trusted advisor rather than  reactively selling the service .

Part of being a trusted advisor is understanding your client’s core competency and the MSP that supports the contingent workforce program. Then, focus on individual deals, not just the revenue that comes from contracts with high volume. Further pay attention to your independent contractors that you engage. Establish your relationship with them as you would with the MSP and hiring managers.

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