Using Call-To-Action Incentives In Marketing

call to actionJust for a few moments, think about the ways that you surf the Web. Do you. . .

  • Seek information to make a decision or be attuned to the world around you?
  • Look for a specific item to fill a need?
  • Comparison shop features and prices?
  • Want assistance with a concern, issue or problem?
  • Use it for reading or recreation?
  • Look to receive something for free or at discount?
  • Click on an advertisement that interests you?
  • Use it to connect with family or colleagues?
  • Search for people with similar interests?
  • Wish to analyze a competitor?

You can probably think of other reasons why you search the Web. Each is as valid a reason as the next. But each also shares one common attribute.

Each time you engage any activity on the Web, you are responding to a call-to-action (CTA).

The call may be as subtle as an image, as evident as a link or button, or as complex as a transaction. Whatever the purpose behind the activity, you were motivated to respond in some way to a CTA.

You’ve experienced that some CTAs fall flat. They take you so far and then for various reasons, you loose interest and click out.
On the other hand, some CTAs motivate quickly. They speak directly to you so that you further engage. They prompt you to click, play, respond, or pay.

Successful CTAs provide an incentive.

Large or small, complex or simplistic, incentives are everywhere. The idea behind an incentive is the same. . .to get your brand or product or service in front of an audience. Examples are giveaways or freemiums, white papers, ebooks, drawings, contests, surveys, and discounts.
The reason they continue to be used: they work!

Incentives can help you build an audience, evoke more loyalty and trust, and increase your online presence. Why? Because an incentive indicates value, and value speaks to people’s emotions. The better the perceived value, the more likely the visitor will respond.

Does your staffing firm use CTAs with incentives?

Now that you have incentives on your mind, take notice of the CTAs you see and the incentives offered. Then think about what kind of incentives would best serve your clients or candidates and add them to your staffing firm’s inbound marketing plan.

Steve Isenberg

Steve Isenberg
Steve Isenberg is president of ASJ Partners, a marketing agency for the staffing industry. He can be reached at

Steve Isenberg

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