The Benefits of Cloud-Based Staffing Software

cloud computingAs fiscal cliff worries recede and hiring in many sectors rebound, staffing firms have their sights set on a profitable year. Taking advantage of the numerous benefits of a cloud-based staffing software system may offer the key to success in 2013.

Cloud software solutions are extremely cost-effective because they eliminate the need to purchase applications, software and servers, or pay technical support staff. As a result cloud applications like cloud staffing software can be deployed quickly, are highly customizable, and provide companies with a uniquely scalable solution.

The immediate cost-savings associated with cloud based software has influenced many high profile organizations to lead the charge in adopting cloud technologies into their business strategy already, with many more on the way. Most major financial institutions use cloud computing for online banking services, Amazon leverages the cloud for its online shopping experience, and Apple allows users to share music, pictures, and video between devices via the cloud.

While budget friendliness may be reason enough for staffing agencies to move to the cloud, consider the additional benefits below when deciding on whether cloud staffing software is right for your agency.

  1. Security. Cloud-based software offers a new standard in security and stability, since cloud vendors know that the success of their business is predicated on delivering a solution that eliminates data security risks.  According to CloudTweaks: “Managing your IT is the core business of cloud vendors, so they are better prepared for any kind of disaster and breach/hack.” By working diligently to understand how applications will be accessed within an organization’s environment, cloud vendors are able to implement sophisticated security features like advanced data encryption during all phases of implementation, allowing information stored within cloud staffing software platforms to be secure from the start.
  2. Performance. By standardizing the services that a cloud computing solution offers, vendors are able to significantly increase system performance for their users. According to Wired: “Cloud computing allows you to deploy the same service or topology of services repetitively, with the same result every time.” This allows staffing agencies to ensure the same cloud staffing software package is deployed throughout the entire organization,increasing performance by eliminating ad-hoc or redundant applications.
  3. Data Mobility. Data mobility is another key benefit of the cloud, especially with the increasing need to access corporate data and email from personal devices like tablets and mobile phones.  The cloud’s ability to bring your own device (BYOD) allows staffing professionals to easily access information while telecommuting or travelling.
  4. Flexibility. The flexibility of cloud-based systems does not stop with the ability to use personal devices to access corporate data. Cloud software platforms offer the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate with add-on applications, giving staffing firms the flexibility to test new programs such as social media and mobile applications without having to invest heavily in separate solutions. Forward-thinking companies know that the future of software is in the cloud, and those that embrace the trend early stand a better chance of thriving in 2013 and beyond.  It’s time for staffing firms to take a comprehensive look at the benefits of moving to the cloud.
Tim Giehll

Tim Giehll
Tim Giehll is chief marketing and strategy officer at Bond International Software. He can be reached at tim (dot) giehll (at) bond-us (dot) com.

Tim Giehll

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