Outplacement: The Next-Generation Solutions

When companies take action to reduce expenses through workforce reductions, it is imperative they select an effective outplacement service that results in new jobs for the transitioning employees.

Traditional outplacement models provide an outdated service equivalent to a consolation prize. The impersonal, untailored traditional model has changed very little since its emergence in the 1960s and no longer achieves a successful career transition for employees. The unemployed worker no longer wants office space to conduct their job search or grief counseling to deal with the sudden loss of their job. They want to move on — and to their next job.

Enter next-generation outplacement solutions, which enable companies planning workforce reductions to shift away from the old paradigm and supply their transitioning employees with extra, well-tailored services. For example, there are companies that offer services that include targeted job leads, updated cover letters and résumés, and tips on how to improve social networking to land that new job.

By injecting the power of technology into the outplacement process, companies like ours help employers with their workforce strategies and displaced employees with their career strategies. The next-generation outplacement solutions offer a lower-cost, more results-driven model by providing a wealth of resources that focus on the ultimate goal: finding displaced employees new jobs fast.

Statistics indicate that cutting edge outplacement firms are placing individuals 61 percent faster than the national average as established by federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.  They rely on intelligent search technology, social media and other online tools to help put laid-off employees back to work sooner. Outplacement models that bring innovation to this once traditional industry are some of the biggest drivers of redeployment in the workforce.  Thanks to these models, transitioning employees get access via a Web 2.0 portal to job leads, articles to read, events and webinars to attend, and groups to join, all hand-picked and personalized to their professional interests.

Dan Davenport

Dan Davenport
Dan Davenport is CEO and co-founder of Randstad RiseSmart.

Dan Davenport

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