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Did you ever wonder why some advertisement campaigns are successful and others are not? Why some ads, even though incredibly stupid or annoying, stick with you? It’s really rather simple. A successful marketing campaign (whether email, social media or direct mail) will focus on two key areas: a strong call to action and a compelling reason to act. If you can succeed in these two areas, you will have developed a successful campaign. After all, at some time every company in every industry utilizes some form of advertising.

One of the most important jobs of a successful marketing executive is to create an aura of excitement around his/her product or service. The goal is to focus clients’ and/or candidates attention toward our service and away from the competition. Many unsuccessful campaigns can be attributed to failure in both the call to action and compelling reason to buy factors.

When developing a campaign, it’s important to remember your goal: either to increase your portfolio of clients or your inventory of candidates. Unlike many other industries, in the staffing industry, we have two distinct end users: Clients and Candidates. Every month your end users are contacted by various other service providers claiming to offer a better mousetrap or solution. This is why it’s imperative, in your campaigns, to quickly excite your clients and candidates with a compelling reason to use your services.

When developing your campaign ask a few simple questions:

  • Will anyone pay attention to my advertising?
  • Is there a strong call to action in my campaign that will cause potential clients and candidates to act upon it?
  • Am I clearly articulating my value proposition?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, you’ve established a successful marketing campaign. If not, it’s important to revise your campaign to ensure that these questions are addressed.

Creating a focused social media and email campaign is an extremely cost-effective way to reach your target audience.  Many of you have robust databases filled with email addresses for client and candidates. Developing a program to reach these recipients on a consistent basis can accomplish two things: growing your brand equity and providing value ad for your end users when their need for staffing services arise.

Remember, the goal of advertising in our industry is to generate more job orders and/or increase our inventory of higher caliber candidates. Many companies fail in one or both of these areas by not developing a campaign that articulates their market differentiators. A successful campaign will also help motivate your internal staff which in turn causes an increased euphoria in your end users.

Human nature causes us to seek confirmation about the services we use; advertising enables us to feel good about our choices.

Steve Isenberg

Steve Isenberg
Steve Isenberg is president of ASJ Partners, a marketing agency for the staffing industry. He can be reached at

Steve Isenberg

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