Marketing to Grow Your Business in 2015

How’s your 2015 marketing budget shaping up? Oh, you haven’t thought about it yet? No problem, below are some tips to guide you when developing your marketing budget for next year. ...

Getting Traditional and Social Media to Work Together

Once upon a time staffing companies’ marketing departments wrote a check for airtime, a giant newspaper ad or a billboard. These would run for the length of the contract and then ...

Gut Check: How to Determine if You’re Underspending on Marketing

Though I’ve been in marketing for the staffing industry for nearly 20 years, it never fails to surprise me how often firms fall into one of two lines of thinking around marketing: The ...

The Pros and Cons of Marketing Automation for Staffing Firms

Marketing automation is a hot topic lately, and for good reason. Companies are focused not only on doing more with less but also better arming their sales teams with data about website ...

Most Staffing Execs Are Horrible at Social Media. There, I Said It

Yes, that headline is a gross generalization. And I use “most” intentionally as there are a handful of staffing executives doing an exemplary job using social media to interact ...

More Leads, More Buzz: 5 Proven Marketing Methods for Staffing Firms

Marketing, marketing… who has time for marketing? With intense competition for talent and the high expectations of budget-strapped hiring managers keeping most staffing firms beyond ...

Attention! Your Clients Don’t Care About Your Services!

One of the best parts about helping so many clients with their content marketing is that we develop a built-in focus group. I was recently looking at the open rates across all of our ...

Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips For 2014

Internet marketing. We’ve all heard of it, but what does it mean? More important, how does it affect my business? Internet marketing is comprised of a variety of ways to make ...

Understanding SEO: Just Like Cooking 101

When you hear the acronym SEO, you likely hear it in the context of several other terms. Maybe to you, it sounds like alphabet soup. And perhaps that’s an appropriate analogy because ...

HR and Marketing: Connecting for Recruitment

One of the biggest and fastest-growing trends impacting the staffing industry is, without a doubt, the increasing confluence of the HR and Marketing functions. For evidence, one need ...
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