Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

An April 2012 Oklahoma City television news interview gone viral has now reached tens of millions of people across the globe who’ve heard Sweet Brown’s  famous words: “Ain’t ...

Retaining Internal Staff: How to keep the best and drop the rest

Every time you lose a high performer, you lose money right off your bottom line. Whether it’s an account manager who’s established invaluable relationships with key decision ...

The Magic Marketing Formula: How to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Rewind a few years.  Many businesses allocated a large portion of their marketing spend to yellow pages (surprisingly some still do!). Why did they do it?  Because their competition ...

Building a Pyramid and not a Leaning Tower

The idea of building a successful business is appealing to almost everyone who has ever knotted up a tie to their starched dress shirt.  Any seasoned entrepreneur, however, will tell ...
keep secret

Are Workplace Investigations Confidential?

Over the years, attorneys have routinely counseled their clients to assure complainants of confidentiality when investigations workplace misconduct and other incidents. In most cases, ...
massive book

In Staffing, Simple Is Sustainable

Politicians in the United States and across the globe continue to perpetuate highly complex policies that are anything but simple. Taxation, energy policy and campaign finance reform ...
Social Media

Killing it with Social Media

Back in May, I teamed with Staffing Industry Analysts to identify best practices in social media in the staffing ecosystem. We identified five programs that lead the market in how they ...
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