Reaping What You SOW — What Statement of Work Means for Staffing

In the past several years, we’ve witnessed a fundamental shift in the talent management landscape. Large employers, long reliant on the temporary and contract labor provided by staffing ...

Is Your VMS Geared for Complex Project Management?

Boston’s Big Dig has its claim to fame not only as an ambitious and expensive megaproject involving hundreds of third-party vendors – but also for its mismanagement and failures. ...

Look Past Your Current Needs When Selecting a VMS

Up until the last year or so the scope of requests received for IQNavigator’s vendor management software (VMS) predominantly queried our support of contingent or temporary labor spend. ...

Organizational Controls That Impact SOW-Based Services — Combining the Chocolate and Peanut Butter of your SOW Program – Part 6

This is the final post of our series on Controlling SOW-Based Services. In the prior posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) we introduced the Control Landscape Map and focused most ...

The Control Solution: Simple, Yet Complicated: Combining the Chocolate and Peanut Butter of your SOW Program – Part 5

The control activities to protect against the SOW engagement risks noted in Part 4 are fairly simple and straight forward: Document the commercial terms in the SOW / contract; Compare ...

Let Your Suppliers Specialize

With most contingent workforce programs, benchmarking is a great place to start in order to identify savings opportunities. It makes sense. You know a job category in your location ...

Combining the Chocolate and Peanut Butter of your SOW Program – Part 3: Making the Value Case for Pre-Award Controls

In Part 2, we made the connection between spend data visibility as an enabler to sourcing value and demonstrated the impact that visibility has on control effectiveness. In this post, ...

Combining the Chocolate and Peanut Butter of your SOW Program – Part 1

“What does controlling SOW-based services spend mean to you?” That was the seemingly straightforward question I asked of two separate audiences at a procurement conference recently. ...

Can Your VMS REALLY Support Your Project Services Spend?

For the past few years, the “hot topic” in the contingent workforce industry has been the management of Statement of Work (SOW) project services.  We have all read the statistics.  ...

Managing SOW Through VMS Delivers Better Results

VMS analytics and reporting have the power to turn even the most cynical CIO into a believer. Look at what the VMS gets you: cost savings driven by using only authorized vendors,  the ...
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