Best Bets for Branding with Social Media

With the explosion in popularity of social media platforms, a wealth of marketing initiatives are within the grasp of any and every business with a desire to get the word out about ...
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The Staffing Industry’s Social Influencers Revealed

With 1.1 billion Facebook users, 500 million twitter users and 1 in 4 people accessing the web from their mobile devices, a social media strategy is not just a nice-to-have, it is a ...

6 Unique Ways to Build a Better Talent Pool With Social Media

Building and populating a talent pool can be a great way to jump the skills gap and provide your clients with quality candidates. However, it’s often easier said than done. Thankfully, ...

Does Social Media Work in Staffing?

Social media is used on a consistent basis with both the job-seeker and the employer looking for the best candidates. Whether or not it’s beneficial is a topic that Kavaliro has discussed ...

The Increasing Importance of Social Media in HR

In a recent article I discussed how with 75 percent of companies either using or planning to use social media sites for recruiting, sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ ...
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Leveraging Social Media to Recruit Top Candidates

A recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reveals that employers are increasingly using social networking platforms to recruit job candidates. In ...
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How Social Media Affects the Staffing Industry – Part 1

Social media is a growing force that is disrupting many industries, and the staffing industry is not falling short of its grasp. So how exactly is social media affecting this particular ...
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How Facebook Is Changing the Way Staffing Firms Source Candidates

Staffing can sometimes seem like an active candidate waiting game. Sure, you can try to connect with passive candidates through professional social networks, but not everyone for whom ...
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Best Practices in Social Media: Measuring the Impact

One of the greatest anxieties CEOs have about social media isn’t the content or the level of customer or media engagement. It’s whether the investments are worth the time and money. To ...

Leveraging Social Media to Your Business Advantage

Social media is becoming a powerful business tool.  It is very common for businesses to post their latest achievements and other useful customer information on various media sites. ...
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