Selling the Intangibles

The primary concern of most managers is the intangible qualities of a potential hire: their communication ability, their attitude, their way of thinking and their dedication. A big ...

Where Have All the Salespeople Gone?

Lead generation and revenue growth are the lifeblood of every business, ensuring the continued success and stability of the organization. As a result, salespeople play a key role in ...

Presence Is More Important Than Preparation

Preparation in selling is often overdone or overrated. Surprised? If too much emphasis is put on preparation, salespeople focus more on what they have planned instead of what actually ...

What NOT to Do When Selling

Recently, I was sitting next to a pair of salesmen at the Birmingham, Ala., airport whose conversation was entirely about what they were going to talk about. Yes, I was eavesdropping, ...
canned sales practices

Would You Want a Planned, Canned Response?

Cans work well for beans and vegetables but fail miserably in sales. Yet, many sales organizations mandate that salespeople memorize or read specific soundbites designed for specific ...
money flow

To Sell or Not to Sell…That Is NOT the Question

Selling, like yoga, is almost like music, as there is never an end to it, if it’s done right. Yet so many salespeople engage in a stop-start mentality in their sales practices. They ...

Setting Sale(s) in the Right Direction

Though it’s hard to believe, 2012 is about to wind down. Sales leaders across the country are looking for ways to continue the momentum through the rest of the year, and drive productivity ...

How NOT to Sell Staffing

I got a call last week from a local staffing firm. At first, I thought it was someone calling to inquire about our services, but in less than 3 seconds I knew it was a sales call. Now, ...
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