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Staffing M&A: When A Buyer Calls

As the robust staffing M&A market continues in 2017, more strategic buyers are reaching out directly to smaller competitors to determine if they are open to selling their businesses. ...

What Staffing Buyers Want In Today’s M&A Market

During a recent conversation with an active buyer in the staffing industry, the buyer remarked to me that “we acquire other staffing businesses because we’re seeking to make our ...

An LOI Is Not a Done Deal

Signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) is an important milestone on any staffing M&A transaction.  I like to think of an LOI much like a wedding engagement, as it’s a non-binding agreement ...

Private Equity Eyes the Staffing Industry: What Business Owners Need to Know

Private equity competition is heating up, spurring more of these active investors to consider businesses and industries have not historically been in their sweet spot. While a few firms ...

Be a Savvy First-Time Seller of Your Staffing Business

Selling a staffing business is not a simple endeavor.  While not “rocket science,” there are many potential pitfalls in the process, many of which could cost an owner not only ...

Leveraging an M&A Deal for State Unemployment Tax Benefits

According to the Duff & Phelps Staffing Industry M&A Landscape, the first quarter of 2015 produced 25 staffing industry merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, consistent ...

Handing Over The Keys To Your Company

Did you ever consider when it might be time to hand over the keys to your company, so to speak? Some owners have no exit plan and want to run the company indefinitely. Thus, they have ...

Why Keeping “Your Eyes on the Road” Is Critical When Selling Your Company

As buyer interest continues to expand, more owners are taking the plunge hoping to catch the M&A elevator while it is still going up. (See earlier article on the importance of ...
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Talent Acquisition at the Heart of M&A

M&As are common – 111 M&As took place in the U.K. in the second quarter of 2013 alone – yet there is no one-size fits all formula to ensure smooth transitions. M&A ...
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Looking to Sell? The New Mantra in M&A

What criteria is more important for staffing company owners looking to sell in 2013 — company performance or the buyer’s view of macro risks? Read more to find out. Company Performance Let ...
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