How Working with a Staffing Firm Can Jump-Start Your Tech Career

Keeping up with industry trends, shifting market demand and emerging technologies is critical in the technology field where things are always in a state of flux. Unless you are acquiring ...

Tech Staffing Comes Out Ahead on All Fronts

It seems today’s tech labor market doesn’t follow the old adage of “what goes up, must come down.” Deemed one of the fastest-growing job markets by the U.S. Bureau of Labor ...

IT Staffing in 2014: Transforming Your Talent Partnership

As we scramble to close the gap between the IT demand and talent supply in our own companies, a microcosm of the national IT gap, it is easy to lose sight of the transformational power ...

IT Staffing in 2014: The Importance of a Talent Partner

In a span of just 90 days, Mastech recruited and placed more than 50 people in a highly specialized finance capability. Could the internal hiring team have delivered this volume and ...

IT Staffing in 2014: Mind the Gap

While 222,000 IT jobs were added to the economy last year, according to TechServe Alliance, only 50,000 U.S. students graduated with an IT degrees. The IT marketplace is simply tremendous ...

The Evolving IT Labor Market

We’re constantly hearing in the news about a still sluggish economy, unemployment stuck around 7 percent and only moderate job gains in the monthly employment situation report.  ...
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The Market for IT Professionals Hotter Than Ever

While the national economy in total is slowly, but steadily, gaining momentum, the technology job marketplace is as competitive as it’s ever been right now. According to figures compiled ...

Debunking the IT Industry Myth

Working in IT can be very different from the general picture the media paints of the industry.  Every time you check the front page of the New York Times or any of your other news ...

Troubling Aspects to the Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill

Kudos to the U.S. Senate for passing a comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill late last month. The bi-partisan bill, S.744, addresses many of the broken parts of our immigration ...
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IT Pros — Stress Doesn’t Take a Holiday

The summer vacation season has officially begun and for many this means a chance to unplug and recharge, but for some IT professionals there may not be any rest in the near future. A ...
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