Why Likeability Could Lead to Bad Hires

 Research proves that liking a job candidate can lead to a bad hire. Likeability isn’t the only emotion that interferes with choosing the right person for sales, recruiting, management ...

3 Simple Steps To Decoding A Cover Letter

It’s not easy to fill the job with the right talent — even if a candidate has all the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience for the position. This is because the candidate ...

Your Internal Hiring Process: A Trip Down the Red Carpet or an Episode of Survivor?

There’s no doubt that hiring qualified people for each branch and your corporate headquarters is important. Having top-notch talent who do quality work will help your firm reach ...

Embrace the Pros of Holiday Hiring, Avoid the Cons

Here come the holidays, with all their cheer – along with the extra meals out and hotel stays,not to mention gifts. Talk about added stressors. For you? Yes. But also for the companies ...

Top Candidates Aren’t on the Market Long – Here’s How to Land Them

It’s no surprise that the very best job candidates stay on the market for only a day or two. Nimble companies can capitalize on the brief time a topline candidate may be available ...

Hiring the Best: Be the Company People Want to Work For

Competition to attract and employ high-caliber candidates is tight and now more than ever it is imperative that companies have efficient and effective internal recruiting and hiring ...
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Get Talent Off the Bench … and Into the Workforce

A lot of the jobs that are being created are temporary in nature, from blue collar to white collar contract jobs. Those white collar contractors often aren’t looking for full-time, ...

Do We Have a “Last-mile Problem” in the Hiring Process?

In telecommunications/technology, the processes last used to connect the end customer to a network is called the “last-mile problem”; it’s considered a problem because ...
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Smart Hiring=IT Project Success

If more than 10 percent of an IT project manager’s time is invested to hire/back-fill or replace a talent, then it’s a clear indication that there’s a flaw in the hiring process.These ...
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When Bad Hires Happen to Good Companies

Finding the right talent is the holy grail of corporate excellence. Yet so many companies get it wrong. Recent CareerBuilder research reveals that seven out of 10 employers report they’ve been ...
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