Physician Staffing Shortages? Locum Tenens To The Rescue

Nearly every staffing manager or recruiter has faced a physician shortage. The position is tenuous – do you require more of your existing staff, or risk lapses in care for fear of ...
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The Incestuous Nature of Healthcare Staffing VMS/MSP

Managed service providers (MSP) utilizing vendor management systems (VMS)  have been a part of US commerce for decades, starting with Ford Motor Company and moving across all market ...

Are We Listening to the Warning? Nurse Tsunami Ahead

No matter how we use the term “tsunami,” it means disaster. In the next five years, we’ll see a higher number of people requiring more healthcare from an expanded range of service ...

32 Million Patients Are Coming: How Healthcare Staffing Can Keep Up

Patients are coming. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, an estimated 32 million additional patients could be seeking medical treatment. This means healthcare hiring needs ...

Improve Patient and Healthcare Worker Safety with Pre-Employment Testing

Healthcare workers are responsible for assisting and providing the best outcomes for their patients in the safest ways possible. In order to accomplish this goal, workers need the ability ...

Evaluating Healthcare Staffing Software – Part 3: Implementation

Moving your healthcare staffing agency onto a new software platform can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why the first two parts in this series, Part 1: First Things First and Part ...

Hanging ICD-10

The healthcare IT (HIT) industry has been described as occurring in “waves” in correlation to meaningful use and ICD-10 requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act. With ...

Healthcare Staffing Competition is Good, Control by Competitor MSP is Bad

In recent posts to the discussion about VMS and MSP in the healthcare arena, several perspectives have been expressed. In case you are wondering, I am firmly in the camp that there ...

A Snapshot in Time: Gauging Physician Attitudes

The parent company of LocumTenens.com, Jackson Healthcare, conducted physician research over the past several years across many specialties, trying to gauge their attitudes on everything ...
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The Customer Is Always Right

Last week, Colleen Mills and Bob Livonius both submitted posts to the Staffing Stream about MSPs in healthcare staffing.  Mills is the founder of an association that built its membership ...
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