Managing the Risks of Contingent Labor

Global companies are relying more heavily on contingent workers to control rising labor costs, bridge skills gaps and to respond to fast-moving market conditions with greater agility. According ...

Getting the “Why?” right in an MSP RFP

Staffing Industry Analysts has provided some great information and tools for thinking about and conducting an RFP process for a managed service provider (MSP). A template for an MSP ...
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Who Plays a Part in Building Elite Contingent Labor Programs?

In today’s marketplace many companies employ a contingent labor program to interact with their staffing suppliers. No longer are hiring managers creating the rules or providing direction ...
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You Can’t Save Your Way to Talent Prosperity

For those of you just starting down the path of managed staffing or using more contingent labor, if you are only thinking about saving money, you might end up missing something: quality. Since ...
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