Innovation Is Easy! — Part 2

In my last post, I discussed how, as trusted advisors to our clients, our role is to help them innovate — and I provided a few examples of how my team is doing just that. Here, I ...

Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Too often, companies have a strategic plan, but do not have a culture plan.  Any company without a culture plan to “operationalize” your strategy is putting its success at risk. “Culture ...

Millennial Generation a Dominant Force

With the millennial generation a dominant force in the work world, having a top company culture is more important than ever. This fast-growing demographic is more apt than ever to job ...

Hire for Personality, Not Skills

While interviewing and hiring for skills is important, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of recruiters. The best recruiters recognize the impact personality and culture fit have on job ...

Accountability: The Best Cure for “Quit and Stay” Employees

Does your staffing service need a shot in the arm? If you haven’t heard already, our country has been through a pretty hefty recession. From coast to coast, businesses have paid a ...

Hiring the RIGHT Employees

Anyone who has ever opened a resume with a prospective hire in mind can tell you that hiring is an art and not a science.  Corporations have been hiring and firing people for hundreds ...
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